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hostile or belligerent mood

a course leading to warfare or battle

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IT'S weird how this General Election is sending the political tribes down warpaths we would never expect.
First he locks horns with a fellow villager and things begin to turn nasty, then he finds Grace on the warpath.
Civil servants have gone on the warpath after Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said taxing their retirement bonus was under consideration as part of the Troika-imposed economic adjustment programme.
In the comic books, Warpath has the ability of superhuman strength and speed.
On top of all that, his dad (Rik Mayall) is out to get him but he can't get his friends to believe him, and there's a tailor out on the warpath.
Shelby Murphy) is warpath Meanwhile, Brand and her husband have worries of their own when their son is assessed by an educational psychologist.
Due to the specialized capabilities of the 48th Chemical Brigade "Spartans" from Fort Hood, Texas, elements of the brigade were called upon to deploy to the Korean Peninsula in support of the 2d Infantry Division (2ID) mission to maintain peace and stability in the region through participation in the most recent Warpath III exercise, held from October to December 2012.
Leaning forward, the 94th Military Police Battalion seized an opportunity to train with the 2d Infantry Division (2ID) during its annual exercise, Warpath, in November 2012.
James Floyd (the star of Everywhere And Nowhere) is a British-Egyptian gang member who goes on the warpath when his naive younger brother, Mo, is robbed during a drug deal.
Conquered into Liberty: Two Centuries of Battles along the Great Warpath That Made the American Way of War.
At its best Conquered, provides interesting accounts, from strategic background to tactical on-the-ground reviews of long obscure fighting along the Great Warpath for almost two centuries between 1690 and 1871.
Cohen takes us up and down the Great Warpath with often fast-moving prose--the book is a page-turner especially when it describes battles--and its sources, both primary and secondary, omit very few items and provide a solid foundation.
Islamabad, May 19(ANI): Top Pakistani military commanders believe that the army is not yet ready to go on the warpath with the United States, and both civilian and military leadership are trying to 'bring down the temperature', a Pakistani newspaper has said.
Concerned for him, Audrey tracks him down to the bistro, but just as she warns him that Claudia is on the warpath in she walks.
30pm As the shockwaves of Lewis's deceit are felt around Weatherfield, Peter goes on the warpath.