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a cautionary sign of danger

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If the warning light comes on, stop as soon as safely possible and inflate the tyres to the recommended pressure shown in the driver's manual.
The fact is, for some of us who aren't exactly mechanically-inclined, decrypting those blinking warning lights on our dashboard can be tricky -- which, let's face it, is a real issue considering that some of these symbols are designed to flag an urgent and sometimes dangerous underlying problem.
The company said in a statement: "(On Tuesday) the pilot had a warning light and returned to Flesland according to procedure.
The Preliminary Investigation by the Safety Investigation Board revealed that it was a false alarm of Stall warning light and over speeding light.
Drivers can see this warning light as far ahead, at least 3 kilometers ahead of potential traffic accidents," he stated.
The Abu Dhabi Police is considering a proposal to fit streets with incandescent warning lights to prevent traffic accidents resulting from fog on the roads.
The warning light looked like an engine, but was not the usual engine warning light.
Statoil, who operate the Stena Don, were unable to explain what caused the warning light to come on.
When shown images of the 16 most common dashboard symbols, 71% of motorists did not recognise a tyre pressure warning light - with 4% thinking it was something to do with the oil or brakes.
According to research by breakdown firm Britannia Rescue, around 48 percent did not recognise the brake warning light.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles to upgrade software to fix the tail lamp warning light.
Julie Tansley was driving the streets searching for her missing moggy and was oblivious to her plight until a dashboard warning light came on.
I've spent fortunes on investigations into why the engine warning light doesn't go off.
THE latest research reveals that four million motorists have suffered from 'dashboard denial' in the last year, ignoring a warning light for five days or more.
The coolant warning light in my car had been on for a few days, but when I went to check the level, I found it impossible to see the fill lines on the reservoir.