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Synonyms for warning

Synonyms for warning

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

an instance that warns or discourages prospective imitators

a signal that warns of imminent danger

Synonyms for warning

cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger or other unpleasantness)

notification of something, usually in advance

serving to warn

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We call on the DOH to ensure that all tobacco products carry the new set of warnings it prescribed,' said Ulysses Dorotheo, Seatca's director for framework convention for tobacco control.
Among the over 100 countries, Nepal, Vanuatu, India, Thailand and Australia are leading other countries in terms of the size of the warnings.
When FDA issues a Warning Letter, generally it is because they have some concerns over the firm's response to one or more 483s.
He added the worldwide trend for larger and picture health warnings was growing and unstoppable.
Moreover, one more variable was among individuals who found the warning significant and out of them how many decreased their smoking habit and ultimately tried to quit smoking.
The warning does not forbid anyone to visit Iran, but simply poses cautions.
Although some product hazard warnings are so obvious they make us chuckle (such as "coffee is hot"), failure to include proper warnings on products can expose a company to legal risks that are no laughing matter.
The majority of households were aware of cold-weather warnings and took action, regardless of the name of the warning (wind chill or extreme cold) (Table 1).
Sunday: Yellow warning still in place until midday.
This is a bit surprising because studies in other countries have shown that pictorial warnings are effective in promoting smoking cessation among users.
The Senate passed Senate Bill 86, which would require the state to give employers a warning if they violate a labor law, as long as the company doesn't intend to cause harm or if the violation poses a threat to public safety.
Among the member states, 23 (13%) had warnings that covered at least 30% of the main package display area and included one of the seven warning criteria.
Shulsky classifies warning intelligence under current intelligence, but within the specific framework of indications and warnings.