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Synonyms for warmongering

a policy of advocating war


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His warmongering against Iran is not in the name of world Jewry!
Logic dictates that Iran should be in and Saudi Arabia out, but the Geneva II guest list includes warmongering Saudi Arabia, but excludes Iran, which has been calling from the start for a political solution.
The moment you are involved in warmongering, you have placed obstacles before terrorism," he said.
Commensurate with the political will of the leadership in the United States and hoping that they will refrain from following the short-sighted interest of warmongering pressure groups, we can arrive at a framework to manage our differences.
He said that if Obama rejects the short-sighted interest of warmongering pressure groups, the two countries can manage their differences.
Dignitaries from across the Muslim and Arab world to condemn Iranian regime's growing meddling and warmongering in the region
It is such a pity that religion, which should be a comforting thing, looks like the most warmongering thing around.
Last month, the chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firuzabadi, downplayed what he called warmongering statements made by the West about the military option against Iran, saying such remarks just serve political and psychological purposes.
Second, Mrs Thatcher is accused of being a warmongering Prime Minister.
Nor do they speak of American "exceptionalism" which the warmongering cabal had used to justify its bid to impose American values on the rest of the world.
When Maggie ravaged the heavy industries of the South Wales valleys through to the warmongering Tony Blair the lap dog to George Bush.
Unscrupulous warmongering politicians like Blair, Bush, Obama and Cameron need to be called to account, not rewarded by queues of energetic vulnerable young people at the military recruiting offices.
The resolution condemned the recently imposed sanctions, ongoing US and European warmongering against the Islamic Republic of Iran and alleged US support for terrorist organizations being active against Iran.
From gritty opener Rest Sniper Rest, a 60s-styled blast at warmongering politicians, to the rootsy title track final there isn't a weak link in the chain.
What distinguishes the twangy rant isnAAEt the lyric, a routine broadside aimed at warmongering, among other things (AoWeAAEll turn the Marlboro man into a Marine / The brave youth will come from far and wide / With 9/11 as a