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In addition, the quality and warmness of the learning-teaching environment, competency of the teaching and support staff is worthy of mention.
Since the nineteenth century, colors have been assigned qualities of warmness or coolness, and blue is generally characterized as being the polar opposite of the warmest color.
The heartbeats will increase rapidly and frequently warmness occurs or the inhaler will start to sweat at the region of the hands and forehead.
As basic need of human living is friendliness, neighborliness, warmness, good natured civility with accessibility to establish the company to others.
We were elated by the Kazakh warmness, something which was needed as the temperatures had plummeted to zero
Part of npower's national Acts of Warmness campaign, the snug was a cosy haven from the grey and chilly outdoors.
NB: npower's Acts of Warmness tour kicks off now and finishes on 7 December.
When sought his comment, the Karachi based central leader of PTI and member national assembly from Defense-Clifton constituency, Dr Arif Alvi said, he was not in a position to tell as why the city has showed no warmness.
Water is maternal due to its warmness, swing and protection, and feminine due to its coldness, sensuality and waviness.
ACEX is happy to welcome guests in Moscow, where unlimited opportunities of developing business and logistics are waiting for them, where ACEX will do their best to meet participants with all the Russian hospitality and warmness.
We will represent the past, present and future of coffee in its three dimensions, the product, the culture, coffee being the official beverage of culture and the aesthetics, allowing people to experience the warmness of the places where coffee is grown," said Andrea.
The relation of Pakistan with China was lukewarm and there was no warmness in it.
Scotsmen were very prominent in the industrialisation of Japan and there is a warmness in.
Similarly, some climatic factors like warmness and moisture favor development and allow the accumulation of large numbers of infective stages on the rangelands (Urquhart et al.
The warmness which develop between France and Pakistan during 1960s and later - has proved that there is great possibility exist which help both states to move forward.