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Synonyms for warmhearted

of or befitting a friend or friends

Antonyms for warmhearted

marked by warmth of feeling like kindness and sympathy and generosity

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Lyrically, Kurupt is his usual razor toothed self and Quik is weirdly warmhearted.
The warmhearted illustrations show mothers and children of all colors and ethnic backgrounds together in play, while the simple words are easy for beginning readers to sound out for themselves.
The company said Wallace created transitional designs that are open and inviting in tribute to Clardy's warmhearted personality.
The judge graciously obliged, demonstrating compassionate conservatism at its warmhearted best.
An imaginative and warmhearted Christmas story, illustrated in a gently minimalist style.
I have warmhearted feelings for all of my wonderful writers and wonderful cast and great producers.
We are apparently snobs, stuck-up and miserable, while they are always warmhearted and smiling.
When the warmhearted Soliday hears about the princess, he devises a plan to slay the bird and free her.
A warmhearted and feisty lady, she will be greatly missed.
But paternalism is very attractive--it's all about warmhearted compassion, right?