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having been warmed up

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Place the cabbages in the steamer until warmed through, about four minutes.
In fact, the most notable change in the thermal climate during the greenhouse enhancement is that the coldest air masses of winter - in Siberia and North America - have warmed slightly, while the only change overall has been a tendency towards reduced year-to-year variability.
The pigs are usually too large and there have been too many rolled up ahead of the time they are needed, thus the warmed stock is no longer at the elevated temperature that is required to produce the quality of stock desired from a calender.
The results show that the upper 10,000 feet of the world's oceans have warmed by an average of .037 degrees Centigrade since 1955, a staggering figure if one considers the volume involved and water's considerable ability to store heat, according to the center's director, Sydney Levitus, an oceanographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
As a general rule, Alley says, glaciers have grown when Earth chilled and they've shrunk when the planet warmed.
Season the lobster claws and saute on both sides until warmed through, about three minutes.
We always read about how the temperature has warmed about a degree Fahrenheit - a half degree centigrade - in the last 100 years.
The literature simply states that muscle pulls happen to athletes who are not properly warmed up, are in a fatigued state, or are out of shape.
tells it, Governor Barbour wrote the president a note, which persuaded him not to sign the treaty, which brought about several years of high carbon dioxide levels, which warmed the oceans unbearably, which resulted in the storm that ravaged the Gulf Coast.
That's the amount of daylight received each 24 hours, an astronomical factor related to Earth's rotation that hasn't changed as the climate has warmed.
A the tomatoes and saute until soft, about three minute-"" beans, reserved cooking liquid, parsl" "" until warmed through.