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exercising in preparation for strenuous activity

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We want to get through these warm-up games against Ireland and West Indies before looking at what lies beyond.
And so I'm not sure I agree with the extent of warm-ups I see some teams doing these days.
One additional note: Unless the singer is a good sight-reader, they would have to be able play the warm-ups on a piano or other instrument.
We have a pretty clear plan about selection for warm-ups and I don't think that will have changed after Sunday's result," he said.
People are mistaken if they see me playing with the ball before warm-ups and think I'm showing off.
Some teachers who use an overhead to list the day's agenda and homework include the warm-up activities as well.
Stretching the neck muscles should be a routine part of all team warm-ups before major contact drills.
Here are some warm-ups you can do before you start exercising:
Thus, judges' unintentional memories for warm-up moves cut two ways.
GORDON D'Arcy is on course to play in Ireland's last World Cup warm-up against England - and ensure his seat on the plane to New Zealand.
Apart from the financial angle,our warm-up routines are disrupted.
If you just take off running with no warm-up, you may be missing out on several advantages.
But not Torrel Harris, founder and president of Unique Sports Generation, which markets reversible warm-up suits stamped with National Basketball Association team logos.
A longer, traditional warm-up began with 20 minutes of cycling that gradually increased in intensity until the cyclists reached 95 percent of their maximal heart rates.
WEST INDIES were uncompetitive in the recent Test and ODI matches against England but they can gain partial revenge by winning this afternoon's warm-up clash for the ICC World Twenty20 at Lord's.