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exercising in preparation for strenuous activity

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At the end of the warm-up, we begin moving to more specific pitched exercises to warm up the full range of the voice.
00) World Cup warm-ups, Kolkata: Bengal v Pakistan Mumbai: India v South Africa (14.
Pitchers will be permitted to throw as many warm-up pitches as they wish prior to the point when 30 seconds remain on the clock; however, pitchers will be deemed to have forfeited any of their traditional eight warm-up pitches that they are unable to complete prior to the 30-second deadline.
We want to get through these warm-up games against Ireland and West Indies before looking at what lies beyond.
And so I'm not sure I agree with the extent of warm-ups I see some teams doing these days.
One additional note: Unless the singer is a good sight-reader, they would have to be able play the warm-ups on a piano or other instrument.
We have a pretty clear plan about selection for warm-ups and I don't think that will have changed after Sunday's result," he said.
And he reveals the critical reason for his warm-up routines that have United fans taking their seats early to watch in awe.
Many teachers establish the warm-up ritual at the beginning of the school year, so that their students get used to it and know what is expected of them each day.
Coaching point: Make certain that the neck is included in the warm-up program before contact drills.
Doing a warm-up raises the temperature of your muscles so they work better.
But not Torrel Harris, founder and president of Unique Sports Generation, which markets reversible warm-up suits stamped with National Basketball Association team logos.
Thus, judges' unintentional memories for warm-up moves cut two ways.
GORDON D'Arcy is on course to play in Ireland's last World Cup warm-up against England - and ensure his seat on the plane to New Zealand.
Apart from the financial angle,our warm-up routines are disrupted.