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Peter's friend, Barrie Hope, described Peter as a generous, warm-hearted man who worked hard in his role as chairman.
After all, only chickens are so warm-hearted, kind and brave.
He was so warm-hearted and generous, even taking care to praise cutting-edge statistical technology like CompuBox, which impressed me because he is definitely an old-school guy: "They make such a big deal out of judging boxing," he told me.
Autumn-hued color illustrations enhance this warm-hearted holiday storybook, especially recommended for children's library holiday shelves.
Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease.
a keen student of men and social conditions--a broad-minded, warm-hearted, lovable and very noble American" (2).
"Wolverhampton is a uniquely resilient and warm-hearted city that has had the vision and single-mindedness to transform itself after decades of recession.
This is witty and warm-hearted. I'm not sure how it could be introduced to YA readers, but perhaps reading a passage aloud in a book talk might do the trick.
Such warm-hearted, friendly hosts will be crucial for making the Games a success.
These warm-hearted touches make any building more attractive.
As always, Cox is cheerful, warm-hearted, youthfully eager to learn and exchange perspectives; his students must have eaten him up.
Women, after all, are the warm-hearted sex that speaks freely of emotional pain, and sheds tears in public forums.
The Dalai Lama called for "human" or "secular" values that even the irreligious can embrace: values that make us "good," "warm-hearted," and "sensible."
In bemoaning the lack of "responsible, liberal reflexes" in today's teen movies, she takes aim at Bring It On, Legally Blonde, and a token brunette movie, She's All That--a trio of warm-hearted, if featherweight flicks.
Who could have imagined that a nearly four-hour comedy-drama about a warm-hearted drag queen's creation of a surrogate family would run three years on Broadway?