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a workman who manages or works in a warehouse

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Some 150 truckers and warehousemen at the Hoje-Taastrup facility of the Danish brewery Carlsberg reportedly returned to work on Wednesday morning (17 November) after a day-long union strike.
Although he recognised the two other warehousemen in the picture, he cannot remember their names.
Moreover, in situations where damage or loss cannot be attributed to theft by the warehousemen, the customer faces a more difficult obstacle.
According to Sara Lee, in the summer of 2001, Daymark stopped paying certain carriers and warehousemen all or part of what they were owed for handling Sara Lee products.
Around 70 staff - mainly office and sales staff, warehousemen and drivers - are employed by JMI at its Merseyside headquarters and the firm is currently advertising for another 10 people.
warehousemen, operators and all other warehouse employees.
TWO young warehousemen from Rugby are among the first to benefit from a new forklift truck driving training course.
The standards would, for example, apply to assembly-line workers, machine operators, bakers, meatpackers, office cleaning crews and warehousemen, as well as nurses and physical therapists, grocery checkout clerks and people who make deliveries for the Postal Service, United Parcel Service and Federal Express.
In September 1943, a group of refrigerated warehousemen met in Chicago and passed a resolution to establish The Refrigeration Research Foundation (the "E" for education was added in 1995).
Customs Service has participated with carriers, importers, brokers, warehousemen and manufacturers to provide the highest level of security throughout the supply chain while continuing the free flow of international trade.