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I was sick over the doctor and wardresses, and it seemed a long time before they took the tube out.
The prisoners, who discover rather the wrongs done them than those they have done, and the wardresses, who are as imprisoned as those they are required to guard, discover their love for each other and revolt en masse to found their own community in the wastes of Siberia.
Many of them noted a regime in which the normal mode, of communication from wardresses was a detached, stilted, staccato set of commands rather than communication between human beings.
The position of wardresses was to the side of a centre stage occupied by the firm, zealous, male guardian of law morality to whose superior authority and wisdom they must defer.
During the early twentieth century the life of women wardresses was indeed a dull, dreary, uneventful, enervating one' (Kenney 1924: 96).
This saw the oils girls settle for firth while the wardresses went on to grab a bronze medal.
She was placed in a chair and her head forcibly pulled back, her mouth was forced open, four or five wardresses held her in the chair and milk was poured down her throat through a feeding cup.
A tube was then pushed down her throat, a cork gag was placed between her teeth to keep her mouth open and four wardresses held her while the operation was performed.
The wardresses undressed her and, after a bath, made her dress in the ugly yellow garments that hard labour prisoners wore.
Her response was to go on hunger strike and after three days without food she was tied in a chair, held down by the wardresses and forcibly fed by means of a feeding-cup with a spout.
She described the experience in a letter to a friend: "In the evening the matron, two doctors, and five or six wardresses entered the cell.
14) For example, accounts in newspapers and in pamphlets narrated in detail the physical trauma of the event: "the wardresses forced me on the bed and the two doctors came in with them, and while I was held down a nasal tube was inserted.
However, that's as far as they would they go as the wardresses opened the gap to lead 16-11 at the second TTO.
One of the inmates, Laura Ainsworth, described the procedure: "Two wardresses hold you up in bed, propped up by pillows, and hold your arms and legs.
The title eluded the wardresses for the second season in a row thanks to Japheth Munala's charges at Kenya Pipeline.