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Synonyms for warder

Synonyms for warder

a guard or keeper of a prison

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a person who works in a prison and is in charge of prisoners

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Warder William Main, 47, claimed his colleague Patrice Napoli had "stated his dislike for the young man".
Circumstances surrounding the shooting, however, are questionable as the officers could not explain why the warder was testing a loaded gun at the parking lot.
The warders uncuffed him when he asked to use the toilet but he left it and walked quickly down a dead-end corridor.
Warder moved to Springfield, Ohio, with his family at age 6.
Warder and his wife had just purchased an old farm that had once belonged to President Harrison overlooking the Ohio River in North Bend, Ohio.
The attack on the female warder though shows how ruthless he is.
Some years ago, when I was serving in the Cardiff City Police, I was given a description of the condemned cell complex by an old warder who had worked at the prison.
Anbazhagan and a few others for assaulting and abusing a jail Warder on the Central Prison campus here on Monday.
The Yeoman Warder brought letters and accounts dating back to the 17th Century to help Huddersfield academics study the group's history.
Meet new Beefeater on the block Stephen McMenamy - the Merseysider who's just been appointed a Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London.
My family's home is part of living history - Stephen McMenamy, Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London
Miss Cameron, 44, became the first female Yeoman Warder in the Tower's 1,000-year history in 2007.
First, Lawrence Warder is nominated to be Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
It was the penultimate of these that caught Twain's attention, for in The Cities of the Sun Warder set for himself the task of interpreting Revelation, in particular John's description of the New Jerusalem in Chapter 21.
The Prison Service launched the investigation yesterday into how reporter David McGee became a warder and was given the role at Woodhill Prison in Buckinghamshire.