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Synonyms for warder

Synonyms for warder

a guard or keeper of a prison

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a person who works in a prison and is in charge of prisoners

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He joked: "There's another Scott Kelly who's an astronaut but I always say in my tour he failed to become a Yeoman Warder."
Barry Stringer has officially become the 410th Yeoman Warder, more commonly known as a "Beefeater", and is now tasked with guarding the Tower of London.
August 16, 2018: Timothy Lesereti, who was serving a three-month sentence, escaped from Maralal GK Prison allegedly with the aid of a prison warder who was charged with forgery of judicial documents and aiding five prisoners to escape, a charge he denied.
The warder is now in the possession of an anonymous buyer, who paid a new record for a medieval chess piece.
DIG Prisons Sahiwal Range Kamran Anjum told Dawn the IGP Prisons listened to the genuine problems of warders. Earlier, a warder, inducted in BPS-5, would hardly get one-step promotion during his 25-30 years service in the Prisons Department.
In August last year, Adiala jail's Assistant Superintendent (AS) along with a warder was suspended over sexually harassing a fellow officer.
Superintendent 2 no.s jailor/ medical officer/ 2 no.s deputy jailor / 12 warder/head warder at district jail anantapuram of anantapuram district
and injuries to one jail warder was passed on, after which the
Superintendent District Jail Sheikh Afzal Javaid headed the exercise, in which, an information regarding terrorists attack and injuries to one jail warder was passed on, after which the teams of CTD, QRF and jail security rushed to the spot and conducted rescue operation to protect jail inmates and staff.
On this the UTP was taken to 'Kasoori' on orders of Jail Superintendent where Head Warder Muhammad Sarwar, Shahid Iqbal SG Warder and Muhammad Elahi SG Warder along with four others tortured him black and blue.
The Adiala Jail's Assistant Superintendent (AS) along with a warder were suspended over sexually harassing a fellow officeron Sunday, a private media outlet reported.
An Army Air Corps serviceperson fromAsh Valewill be joining the Tower of London as its latest Yeoman Warder - or "Beefeater" - recruit.
John Paul Harkin used a metal spike to strike out at prison officers and spat in the face of one warder during the hospital rampage.
Warder moved to Springfield, Ohio, with his family at age 6.
FORESTS MAY NOT HAVE BEEN John Aston Warder's first passion, but they were arguably his greatest.