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a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends

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In tandem with these ward-heeler power plays went the Bush forces' relentless stealth attack on democracy--the strategy seemed to be to sow confusion and doubt about the counting process.
By the 1950s, the old neighborhoods of face-to-face interaction -- with the parish priest, the nuns in the school, and local ward-heeler serving as immediate authority figures -- were giving way to a much less tightly controlled suburban ethos.
Fast-talking, speechifying, signifying MOVE members took turns baiting judges who seemed chosen for their irascibility, round red faces, ward-heeler cunning and comic ability to splutter.
The emergence of conservative populism, beginning with the Goldwater presidential campaign, only strengthened Buckley's bonds with the liberals, since he stood apart from the hard-hats and ward-heelers who were starting to go Republican.