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avert, turn away, or repel

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But as the battle continued he realized that there might be a limit to the number of antagonists which he could successfully withstand, since he could scarcely hope with but two hands to reach the throats of three enemies, or ward off the blows and clutches of six powerful hands, or the gnashing of three sets of savage fangs.
He could not refuse to see that the costs of this protracted suit would take more than he possessed to pay them; but he appeared to himself to be full of expedients by which he could ward off any results but such as were tolerable, and could avoid the appearance of breaking down in the world.
Hence Monseigneur had taken his sister from a convent, while there was yet time to ward off the impending veil, the cheapest garment she could wear, and had bestowed her as a prize upon a very rich Farmer-General, poor in family.
Summary: Mumbai [India], September 5 (ANI): In a bid to ward off any untoward incident and avail a smooth immersion of the Ganpati idol (Ganpati Visarjan) today, tight security arrangements have been made in Mumbai.
ROLLING Stones legend Keith Richards reckons he can ward off a downpour with his magic stick.
The Wali said the State has taken a package of measures to ward off effects resulted from Gash River flooding , indicating that the First Vice-President pledged to provide support to the State within framework of full coordination between the High Committee for Warding offs impact of Rains and Floods and Government of the State.
BOOST Eggs ward off diabetes T Eggs ward off diabetes
Ward off the Dangers of Flooding and storm water drainage to the secretariat, municipalities and villages.
Brussels, Jumada I 15, 1435, Mar 16, 2014, SPA -- NATO was working Sunday to ward off a cyber attack, with a group accusing it of interference in Ukraine claiming responsibility, dpa reported.
Having healthy alternatives, such as carrot sticks or rice cakes, close to hand will help you ward off temptation from the office "feeders".
9, 2009 (CENS)--Faced with the influx of hot money, Perng Fai-nan, governor of the Central Bank of China (CBC), explicitly manifested his determination to stabilize the local currency by providing the press translations of three foreign messages which call for central banks to ward off hot money and defend their currencies.
This, they claim, would ward off the evils of oriental dancing, especially that -- according to them -- only harlots take it as a profession.
stave off : to keep away : ward off <A snack will stave off hunger.
Staff at a Tyneside health centre will don pinstriped uniforms to ward off the superbugs.