warble fly

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hairy bee-like fly whose larvae produce lumpy abscesses (warbles) under the skin of cattle

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Keywords: Przhevalskianasilenus, Epidemiology/prevalence, Ivermectin, Goats, Warble Fly Infestation, Pakistan.
It is concluded that the commercial ELISA kit is a useful tool for the serodiagnosis of goat warble fly infestation which provides a base line data for the control and future eradication program of this economically important parasite.
The warble fly infested skin devalues up to 70% depending upon the intensity (Anonymous, 2008), which is the most important constraint in uplifting the market of hides and skins (Shafiq and Kakar, 2006; Shahid et al.
The diagnosis of warble fly infestation in the past was entirely relied on palpation of the warbles in the backs of the animals or visual examination of the carcasses in the slaughterhouses in which the infections were usually underestimated and neglected.
Abiotic factors influencing embryonic development, egg hatching, and larval orientation in the reindeer warble fly, Hypoderma tarandi.
Pharmaceutical interests in Britain are ignoring new scientific research that shows an insecticide used in the UK government's warble fly campaigns in the 1980s triggered the surge of Mad Cow Disease (or BSE) in Britain.
AFTER a nice lunch, we prepared ourselves for the spraying of the cattle against warble fly in gas masks and aprons.
I can remember when countryfolk used to fret over spraying the warble fly and dipping the sheep.
Minority opinion is that it arose "spontaneously" in cows with a genetic weakness, or that a chemical used to control the warble fly in cattle left them vulnerable to the disease.
Among various parasites warble fly is considered to be a notorious threat to livestock population including cattle buffaloes sheep and goats (Khan et al.
The CHAID algorithm showed that grazing pattern as the most influencing factor for warble fly prevalence, followed by the district locality.
In 1982 government made compulsory the use of organophosphate warble fly dressing on cattle, and OP sheep-dips.
The Assembly already has devolved powers to deal with bovine TB, warble fly and brucellosis, but not for other diseases likely to affect animals.
Ophthalmomyiasis caused by the reindeer warble fly larva.