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engaged in war

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BEIRUT: President Michel Sleiman said Thursday that Lebanon could not host any more Syrian refugees, calling instead for the displaced to be returned to safe areas inside the war-ridden country.
In war-ridden Rome, former soldier and hero Coriolanus (Fiennes) is banished , siding with his sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler) to take revenge on his city.
Q: Some Arab filmmakers reflect war-ridden realities.
Summing up her life as she gets older, she realizes that many of her closest family and friends are dying, and she hopes that better times are ahead for all of us living in a constantly changing, war-ridden, and disaster-prone world.
The Government has worked for the reconstruction of the war-ridden areas in NWFP, he said.
In his comments on Saturday, al-Qirbi responded: "It would have been wiser for those who promise to export terrorism to work towards stability in their own war-ridden state.
On Saturday Kurbi said: "It would have been wiser for those who promise to export terrorism to work towards stability in their own war-ridden state.
In the game, the Helghan world is stunningly lit with specular lighting, particle effects, and deferred rendering technology that truly brings to life the chilling post-modern, war-ridden world.
Surely in this destructive, war-ridden world we should be promoting 'sustainable development', 'fair trade', 'international citizenship' and 'reconciliation'.
As a steadfast ambassador of peace in war-ridden areas of the world, his seasoned expertise developed through years military career has positioned him as one of the most respected and prudent men of our time.
AS we all eat our Christmas pudding and enjoy the Christmas festivities, we should give a thought for the poor people of Darfur, and war-ridden Baghdad, but especially think of the beleaguered families in Gaza in the Holy Land.
As the author correctly observes, devolution and power-sharing could strengthen Sri Lanka's democracy, its war-ridden economy, and ethnic harmony.
Nun arrived in England four years ago after fleeing the war-ridden diamond fields of his homeland after his father was arrested by warlords and his mother died of cancer.
XPress Telecommunications is now offering its subscribers the opportunity to contact relatives and loved ones in war-ridden Lebanon at a reduced fixed calling rate of 150 fils per minute, day and night.