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a combat zone where military operations are coordinated (especially a designated area in international waters where the rights of neutrals are not respected by nations at war)

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On that Cyprus is in the midst of a war zone, Angelides said this was not true.
156 citizens of Uzbekistan, mainly women and children, were repatriated from war zones in Syria and Iraq on May 30 in a special humanitarian operation called Kindness.
Presidential trips to war zones are normally cloaked in secrecy for security reasons, revealed only when the commander in chiefs have landed, and sometimes only after they have safely left the region.
Donald Trump has fuelled fears of a knife crime epidemic in London by comparing a hospital in the city to "a war zone", with blood all over the floors.
Referring to the UK increase in knife crime, he said: "I recently read a story that in London, which has unbelievably tough gun laws, a once very prestigious hospital is like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds.
QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo on Wednesday inaugurated Individualland, the province's first counseling centre for journalists working in war zones as well as victims of terrorism.
US have made Afghanistan a war zone while Pakistan's desire was a peaceful Pakistan.
The NWLS, a follow-up of the original the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study (NWRS), found that about 271,000 living Vietnam veterans who were deployed into active war zones currendy experience PTSD.
Washington, June 8 ( ANI ): Angelina Jolie has admitted that visiting people in war zones has made her ''happier''.
Mr Zain, who works for financial services giant Allianz in London's Canary Wharf, says he has begged the Foreign Office to intervene and get his son out of the war zone, but claims his pleas have fallen on deaf ears because the boy's mother is Syrian.
He said the book is about letting people know what happens after shooting and bombardments are over in a war zone and how the people within the environment felt during the war and how they are coping with rebuilding their lives; which he said could take a lifetime.
He received War Medals for Service in The Atlantic War Zone, The Paci?c War zone, The Mediterranean-Middle East War Zone- The New York Medal for Conspicuous Service.
How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone: The Essential Survival Guide for Dangerous Places is for any working in or traveling through a potential war zone, and tells how to survive volatile conditions.
Journalists, NGO workers and adventurers setting out to work and travel in the region's newly minted conflict zones can add a new weapon to their arsenal of survival gear: "How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone," a survival guide for conflict zones by journalist and Al Jazeera English producer Rosie Garthwaite.
Summary: Fighter jets deployed on missions in the Libyan war zone have refueled in mid-air as part of Operation Odyssey Dawn.