war machine

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the military forces of a nation

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Here, it is the Nazi war machine which runs the country.
They say that while war is over in Iraq, the Irish Government is complicit in the US war machine by allowing the US military to use facilities at Shannon.
We could have nipped his war machine in the bud if we'd started earlier.
A war machine is essentially a cluster of vested interests -- industrial, bureaucratic, and legislative in nature -- that act together to control key national policy decisions to increase the production of armaments, or to rationalize continued production.
Spartan is a sprawling mini-saga set, amazingly enough, in the city state of Sparta at a time when it is at its height as a war machine.
Guattari's notion: 'The war machine is the invention of nomads (insofar as it is exterior to the State apparatus and distinct from the military institution)'.
Apart from the near destruction of Iraq's war machine, allied bombardments inflicted heavy damage to the country's oil industry.
The collapse of the Soviet Union and explosion of the computer age have propelled the world into the era of the Permanent War Machine.
It is a surprisingly complete account of how the ultimate stealth war machine, the nuclear submarine, became the ultimate spy platform in a strange marriage between the Navy's "go to hell and back" submarine captains and the CIA's spooks.
But the most telling fact is that Christianity, then not at all a symbol of an established order but a new religion, serves Florio not only as a system of morality but as a war machine to overthrow the father who has stood so long in his way.
0 we're able to create exciting, cinematic moments that allow players to feel like a hero, not just another cog in the war machine.
Whilst public services are being run down throughout Britain, trillions are being spent every year on Nato's war machine.
Ultimate Fighting Championship head honcho Dana White and former UFC striker War Machine were both included in a feature by Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine that called them the "Biggest Sleazebags in Sports.
It is a nightmare scenario for a state to turn its war machine on its own people.
If the Environment Agency does its job properly it will have to take onWestern Power's money-no-object legal war machine.