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Synonyms for wanting

Synonyms for wanting

not present

deficient in a usual or needed amount

lacking an essential element

not having a desirable element

not enough to meet a demand or requirement

Synonyms for wanting


Related Words

inadequate in amount or degree

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WANTING THE JOB: "Immediately after I had stepped down as Director of Central Intelligence in 1976, I distinctly remember the thought crossing my mind.
Without the wanting, there would be no malls, no factories or design studios working feverishly to replace one hot item with the next, none of the associated jobs.
The group wanting a PFS designation was slightly more concerned with state restrictions on their ability to promote their certification than was the PFS group.
Individuals wanting to give tips on-line, log on to the AMW site, click the live Chat button, and are automatically connected to an AMW operator.
The letters from kids not wanting anything for themselves, but for their mommy because she's been so lonely since daddy left.
Glocalnet Service Provider sells Glocalnet-branded telecommunications services, while Glocalnet Service Operator offers turnkey solutions to large corporations wanting their own brand of telecommunications services.
After hearing about what he was doing, people have called us nonstop, wanting to lease off their body to us.
Boyd's three grandchildren in Duarte often come to visit Boyd in her Lancaster home, and instead of wanting to paint, ask what they can do to make money.
But then I started driving and wanting to go out and they pretty much made tennis the No.