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Synonyms for wanting

Synonyms for wanting

not present

deficient in a usual or needed amount

lacking an essential element

not having a desirable element

not enough to meet a demand or requirement

Synonyms for wanting


Related Words

inadequate in amount or degree

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I know about wanting. As a teenager attending a middle class grammar, with a bunch of comfortably-off friends, I did lots of wanting.
The brain divides wanting and liking into separate circuits for the same sweet reward.
The builders chose soundproofing and a blackout window shade, to keep the room silent and pitch dark for travelers wanting to sleep late.
Having patents who are prepared to exercise the power of life and death over their children, these children grow up with very ambivalent relationships to their parents: wanting desperately to be close to them, but knowing that it is too dangerous; wanting to flee, but caught by their emotional and material dependency on them.
Then on top of that they had to deal with every human who rides a skateboard wanting to skate that place, coming from the ends of the Earth to skate EMB.
Bozo is having a good time, coming on to Jackie; but Frank is gloomy and alone, wanting to go home.
In killing time, I had already discovered the yet unoccupied meeting room, so, wanting to help this poor troupe, I just beckoned them toward me.
I cried myself to sleep each night, wanting to get better but knowing I was in way over my head.
I waver between wanting to be a good friend and being a pastoral minister.