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Synonyms for wanter

a person who wants or needs something

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For such a wanter, what woman can ever love enough?
Cameron appraoches) Des wanter axe yer 'bout dat nigger tryin' ter vote 'gin his color.
His vice, Mammy tells us, is that "Shadrach des wanter know ever'thing dat happin; but he des es deef es er pos', an' dey hain't nobody wanter tell him no secrets, 'case if yo' gotter holler hit all ober de place, hit no secret ertall" (80).
I wanter be turnt inter sump'n w'at'll stay in one place' " (46).
Her turn toward Africa, even amid the tale's comedy, carries a diasporic yeaming to dwell in one's right(ful) place, where "you kin stay right whar you wanter, ez long ez you mineter" (46).
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