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Synonyms for wangle

Synonyms for wangle

to make, achieve, or get through contrivance or guile

Synonyms for wangle

an instance of accomplishing something by scheming or trickery

achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods

tamper, with the purpose of deception

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Mind you, it's lucky they didn't insist on the fluency in English criterion for students when John Prescott first wangled his way into Ruskin College.
When Grissom got too close she decided it was time to hit back and wangled a job as a cleaner at the CSI offices.
Meanwhile, rookie reporter Maxine Carpenter (Tara Orr) has somehow wangled an interview with the congressman in connection with a profile she's writing of the missing Diana.
He also wangled an annual $2 million sales tax rebate for the next 30 years, which remains in effect for other business interests even though he's long since sold the team.
Finally, go and see Calendar Girls, where Annette Crosbie has wangled that several shots half-way through the film of a happy retired greyhound alongside her were included - well played, girl.
The 23 Labour MPs, five Commons staff, a coach and doctor have also wangled invites to post-match parties, plus the players have free boots from Nike and suits from Burton.
But somehow Mason persuaded, wangled, tricked--whatever was necessary--and managed to get a flood of new dance to London.
To make, achieve, or get by contrivance: wangled a job for which she had no training.
A Warwickshire duo has wangled work out of Wanzl the winner in the world of supermarket trolleys.
Through friends and connections she wangled lucrative directorships on several corporate boards including CBS, Pan Am, and Lend Lease of Australia.
Then I discovered Amal had wangled a seven-carat diamond "ethical" engagement ring from the man who campaigns about world poverty.
And she also wangled a prime seat at the Champions League final after singing at the official pre-match dinner for VIPs including Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham.
I wonder if Posh RSVPed that she was unable to attend before or after she heard Katona had wangled an invite?
Jaswant Singh Kalsi, 47, from Rugby, Warwickshire, wangled UK visas by pretending they were for priests.
The one time I wangled an invite to the Playboy Mansion was when Hugh Hefner was in the midst of his allegedly fairy-tale marriage, and it was clear that family-man Hef had other priorities than keeping current with contemporary theories of home decorating and/or naughty fun.