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Synonyms for wangle

Synonyms for wangle

to make, achieve, or get through contrivance or guile

Synonyms for wangle

an instance of accomplishing something by scheming or trickery

achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods

tamper, with the purpose of deception

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And it emerged he tried to wangle free hotel rooms in New York for the premiere of Jacko's film This Is It.
Alternatively you pay for a private school or wangle a place in a good school out of your area and transport your kids, as the Blairs did.
With this book, Podhoretz has managed to wangle himself admission to the writer's Big Rock Candy Mountain.
Tickets naturally are like gold dust but we have managed to wangle a pair for the gig.
If you'd like to get involved in the discussion, you can try to wangle an invite by e-mailing Gayle at gayleawil@aol.
The accepted meaning of wangle is to get or arrange through contrivance or finagling, which was what was going on in this case.
The idea was, he would use his history as a participatory journalist to wangle a chance to replace Ed Meese for a day.
He could not easily reach Africa, but the Indonesian islands were Dutch territory, and Dubois, who was serving in the army, managed to wangle an assignment to Java.
Among these bona fide divorce-courtcases, we'll first try to do something for the Wangle couple.
PICK OF THE DAY POSH PEOPLE: INSIDE TATLER (9pm BBC2) FROM side-saddle steeple-chasing, to the Queens Cup Polo Match, the easiest way to wangle your way into high society these days, it would seem, is to be a horse.
But the main question you'll be asking yourself is: exactly how do you wangle an invitation to one of Mary's dinner parties?
While most of us struggled to snaffle an extra wristband, the 1D star managed to wangle an extra SEVEN passes to V for all his mates.
In another DJ aftermath, an inquiry is to open into how a Walsall-based Sikh, who posed in 1986 as a doctor to give women internal examinations, managed to wangle himself a place on the Royal barge.
But my hubby works in film, so I should beable to wangle the odd role.
So I had better make the most of my London visit and hope I manage to wangle some more freebie press trips, because I will now be consigned to nights and weekends in for the next 30 years until my mortgage is paid