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Synonyms for wanderlust


Synonyms for wanderlust

very strong or irresistible impulse to travel


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Jennifer, who played Rachel Green in Friends, is set to walk down the aisle with screenwriter and actor Justin Theroux, who appeared with her in the comedy film Wanderlust earlier this year.
Das Wanderlust are doing it for themselves and for everyone who cares to listen.
Tapping the unprecedented demand for personalization and enhanced user experience, Tele Atlas and Wanderlust Media have joined forces to develop and launch this exclusive entertainment content early in the 2005 MY.
MUSICAL EXCHANGE: German band Emmy Shot A Unicorn, above, and Teessiders Das Wanderlust who performed at the Olgas Rock Festival in Oberhausen last year
IRISH TV star Brendan Courtney looks set to become the Next Big Thing in the UK after his Wanderlust programme was snapped up by British TV.
But Jack, as we can clearly see from early home movies, was born with the spirit of wanderlust, and at 15, he ran away from home to join the rodeo.
On the Road" will explore the ways in which artists have been inspired by and paid tribute to our collective wanderlust.
Aniston first fell in love with Theroux, 40, while making Wanderlust in rural Georgia in 2010.
WANDERLUST 15 IN her new recession themed rom-com, former Friends star Jennifer Aniston plays Linda, who's forced to leave Manhattan when husband George (Paul Rudd) loses his job.
FRESH from a tour of mainland Europe, Radio 1's favourite wrongpop pioneers DAS WANDERLUST make a triumphant return home to Middlesbrough tomorrow.
CONTROVERSIAL TV host Brendan Courtney spoke for the first time last night of how his millionaire dream came true thanks to his TV show Wanderlust.
But just in case more incentive is needed to lure those with wanderlust, the Town & Country Travel Club by Virtuoso is also offering members the following values, upgrades and perks beginning November 15, 2004:
She may have experienced an from Bad Pitt back in 2005, is ready to tie the knot agai she fell in love with old pal co-star Justin Theroux, cous of her new rom-com Wanderlust.
The 41-year-old is reported to have taken on a risque role in the film Wanderlust.
Second on the bill for the evening are "Wrong Pop" outfit DAS WANDERLUST, who are promoting the release of new single Puzzle.