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Synonyms for wander




wander off


wander off something


  • deviate from
  • diverge from
  • veer from
  • swerve from
  • digress from
  • go off at a tangent from
  • go off course from
  • lapse from

Synonyms for wander

to move about at random, especially over a wide area

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

an act of walking, especially for pleasure

Synonyms for wander

move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course

lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking

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About Wander Coffee: Wander Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting company based in Fort Collins, CO.
Beyond that, there's a huge misconception that to give back to these communities, it takes extra time or a monetary commitment," said Clementina Oliveras, founder of Wander in a press release obtained by IBT.
org/ wander-to-wander, in person at WDRC or Wander brewing or by calling 360-676-0122.
During the BMM14 pilot programme key challenges were identified for Wander including design of the smart filter system, defining and testing a viable content strategy, retailer and business engagement, consumer research and insights, business model and revenue model development.
What's important is not that the mind wanders, that's a fact we're all aware of.
As with the case of the two resolutions already delivered, Wander says that as issues become urgent, the committee will submit recommendations rather than waiting until the deadline.
If a researcher can say where a yak stands on the Mongolian steppe, shouldn't it be simple to keep tabs on a resident who wanders off a long term care campus in illinois?
It is essentially a network of networks, uniting a facility's security needs for wander prevention and emergency response.
Ovomaltine first appeared on the market in 1904--in the original Ovo tin from Wander AG.
McLaren's introduction to I Wonder as I Wander shares features with his earlier preface: an objective analysis of the context for the Hughes undertaking, a balanced description of the mixed responses to the volume after publication, and attention to "The Travelogue as a Political and Cultural Statement," each aspect contributing to the structure of the writer's endeavor "to create a travelogue that defines persona as a cultural-political witness and journalist.
I had never wanted to wander from the Sisters of Mercy's placid blue walls, but something in Colette's face, something in her eyes, in the curve of her elegant nose and trim mouth caused me to long for the world.
People wander into it, they are attracted by it, fascinated by it.
Are people so desperate for a bargain that they'll get up the day after Christmas and wander the streets?
When responding to belt wander, PT Smart pivots its top frame away from the direction of wander, simultaneously lowering the end of the top frame opposite the wander, while raising the end facing the wander.