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Synonyms for wampum

something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

Synonyms for wampum

small cylindrical beads made from polished shells and fashioned into strings or belts

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JUST OVER 400 YEARS AGO, the Two Row Wampum belt was first used as a record of the first agreement between European settlers and the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America).
If they are inspired to action, participants are invited to sign the Declaration of Intent, which states in part: Since the beginning of the relations between our peoples, the Two Row Wampum Treaty has been the alternative to removal, assimilation, patronizing (trust/protector) relations and the policies of attempted genocide.
The dust jacket and title page are emblazoned with WAMPUM in bold letters, and the publisher's blurb promises that the author "interweaves wampum's multiform functions and manifestations" and does so with "irrepressible wit and erudition.
Muller (2007) provides a description of the Two Row Wampum Treaty:
For the Haudenosaunee this linkage was symbolically captured in the Two Row Wampum, or Guswenta, which became the foundation for all the subsequent treaties it made with Netherlands, England, France and the United States.
As Caleb lies dying from consumption, Bethia seeks out his powwow uncle, receives instruction from him about how to ease him into the next life and is given a wampum belt to bring to him.
For wampum as money, see Mary Herman, "Wampum as Money in Northeastern North America," Ethnohistory 3, no.
As if to exemplify the story of the Two-Row Wampum, Crooked Arrows has its own inner conflict: should the film treat lacrosse as a medicine, or simply as a sport?
is to strongly support a consultative process between our County and Provincial governments and Six Nations, as intended by Two Row Wampum," he wrote.
If you fret that the dollar risks losing its global clout, consider this: It still beats wampum.
Puisque chaque grain du chapelet correspond a un episode de la vie de la Mere de Dieu, l'objet, par sa materialite meme, constitue une parole chretienne qui prend forme individuellement au sein du collectif, tissant--comme le wampum (33)--un lien entre les hommes, comme entre les humains et leur Createur.
SNYDERMAN, <<The Function of Wampum in Iroquois Religion>>, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol.
These structures included a powerful system of good governance such as the Anishinaabe Clan System of Governance where every person was respected and held responsibility and knowledge within the collectivity; the Anishinaabe Seven Grandfather Teachings of Honesty, Wisdom, Humility, Respect, Courage, Love and Truth; and wampum diplomacy which served to codify significant political relationships.
Cemex's Clinchfield, Louisville, Demopolis, and Wampum (Pa.
For example, how would the implied narrative of Native political development change if, instead of the ethnographic account of the Iroquois Great Law of Peace, an examination and interpretation of its wampum belt was included?