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Synonyms for wampum

something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

Synonyms for wampum

small cylindrical beads made from polished shells and fashioned into strings or belts

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(7.) Lynn Ceci, "Native Wampum as a Peripheral Resource in the Seventeenth-Cenvary World-System," in Laurence M.
Because Great Britain did not issue currency for the British colonists in North America, they had to use wampum, tobacco, and foreign money, primarily Spanish pieces of eight, called dollars.
The Two-Row Wampum represents an understanding of the first and subsequent treaties on the part of Indigenous people that is starkly different from their modern interpretation by non-indigenous Canada.
They relied on the visual with extremely economically written intertitles, closer to reading wampum belts than you'd think.
Can we imagine a writing centre in which conversations about writing occur as we gather together with indigenous teachers and students to learn to weave a basket or to craft a wampum record of one of our own stories?
Within this context it is important for campers to understand historically what the wampum belt signified and the relationship it confirmed between two peoples.
Thus began an elaborate ceremony of reciprocity, equality and renewal in the spirit of the Two Row Wampum and white pine.
It moves from wampum production, which is not readily associated with ecological change, to the inland fur trade, so important to European and Native American societies in the seventeenth century, and the over-hunting of beaver, which then had profound ramifications for Native and European societies as well as the environment surrounding Narragansett Bay.
it is indicative of the vision of the two-row wampum, it is indicative
American Indian Culture: From Counting Coup to Wampum is a two-volume encyclopedia consisting of topics in American Indian culture, including traditions, rites of passage, culture, subcultures, and shared expressions.
The Two Row Wampum Renewal campaign, an outgrowth of the relations between Onondaga Nation and the ally group NOON, commemorates this grandfather of treaties.
He also considers how wampum influenced the circulation of money in colonial America and the development of currency in the United States.
Grade 7 students also worked on a quilting project, each creating their own square and then sewing the squares together into a wampum belt.
Continuing, he made an impassioned speech during which he presented a wampum belt to the group, urging them to put an end to former hostilities and to forge a peace without any need for revenge.
These themes are reflected in her volumes The White Wampum, Canadian Born, Legends of Vancouver, Flint and Feather, The Moccasin Maker and The Shagganappi.