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Synonyms for wamble

move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion


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They don't fall into that kind of work nonchalantly, like, Golly, should I work at TJ Cinnabuns in the mall this summer or wamble downtown for a viral load?
"We are pleased to have Gary on board," Marathon Equipment Southeast District Sales Manager Jim Wamble says.
Doug Wamble - Bluestate (Marsalis Music 11661 3311 2) pounds 13.99 HHHH
This essay was presented as the first Hugh and Beverly Wamble Lecture on Religious Liberty at Baylor University, 1 April 2004.
Among the selections are "Seabreeze," for which Bearden contributed lyrics in the 1950s; "J-Mood," the title track of Wynton Marsalis' 1986 album for which Bearden painted the cover; and Doug Wamble's guitar composition, "Autumn Lamp," inspired by Bearden's canvas of the same title.
Sahara), AAHHOTEP* (cad--Egyptian Queen), ASSEGAAIING*, AAJJAZ (Syria), JAAKKOLA (railroad station in Finland), STAALL (steal), WAAMMLE (wamble), SHAANNANOPHYLLUM (nz--fossil coelenterate), MAAOOPE (farm in Australia), SAAPPE (sap), Tell Abou AAOOA (hill in Syria), ZAARRA (Sahara), WAASS (wash), GALNSLAATT (Norway), DAAUUDOW (Somalia), LAAVVUVARRI (hill in Finland), HMAAWWUN (stream in Burma), CHAPPARAAYY (Russia), AAZZE (Lebanon)
Wamble King has more than 20 years' experience in organizational communication.
(40.) Lazarus HM, Chahine A, Lacerna K, Wamble A, laffaldano C, Straight M, et al.
LEVERNZ, J.B.; WILKINSON, C.W.; WAMBLE, M.; CORBIN, S.; GRABBER, J.E.; RASKIND, M.A.; AND PESKIND, E.R Effect of chronic high-dose exogenous cortisol on hippocampal neuronal number in aged nonhuman primates.
Good morrow, neighbour Gamble Come let you and I go gamble Last night I was shot Through the brains with a pot And now my stomach doth wamble.
Leigh Taylor Wamble and Anderson Hunter Timmons were united in marriage at six o'clock in the evening on November 15, 2014, at First Baptist Church in Corinth.
Medically, they are caused by pressure on the eyeball Agraffe The wire cage that keeps the cork in a bottle of champagne Wamble The rumbling of a stomach Dysania Not wanting to get up in the morning Muntin The strip separating window panes Vagitus A newborn baby's cry Tittle The dot over a lowercase 'i' or 'j' Rheum The gunky stuff in your eye found after waking up.