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a dancer who waltzes

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The quick-thinking 26-year-old from Rhuddlan told how she was forced to grab her little girl and jump down steps as the waltzer car hurtled towards them.
Girls on the waltzer screamed for effect and the dodgems sparked and rumbled.
5 acre site - including waltzers and dodgems - with plans for many more to be installed over the next 12 months.
Waltzer was presented the award during a recent visit by NNSA Administrator Lt.
Meanwhile, teenager Harry operates the Waltzer ride in Stourport and has found that, actually, it makes him a bit of a girl magnet.
Stuart Williams, trainer of Boogie Waltzer and Stratton Banker "I'd be hopeful for Boogie Waltzer, as she's been in good form.
In the characters and events of the narrative, Waltzer, a newspaper sports editor and freelance writer, finds a microcosm of the social history of the US in the 1920s complete with mobsters and war heroes and foreshadowing the era of the spectacle that was to become the hallmark of American sport.
It's a high octane burst of energy that's explosive and exhausting and feels like you're in a Waltzer in the fairground amid a mass of flashing lights.
exporters like Richard Waltzer aren't giving up just yet.
Researcher Kenneth Waltzer of Michigan State University is credited as having identified Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau's World War II savior.
Pesther Waltzer by Joseph Lanner, Paraphrase for piano (1948) (DOB)
30pm on Wednesday night when a waltzer car came off its tracks at a fun fair in Flitwick, Bedfordshire.
Rob Waltzer, the 1999-2000 co-chair, was elected chair for 2000-2001.
In Thick and Thin: Moral Argument at Home and Abroad (South Bend: University of Notre Dame Press, 1994), Michael Waltzer argues that it is useful to think of the contemporary self as wonderfully complex and necessarily divided.
As names like shaker and waltzer indicate, these strains were often first identified by their head-tossing, odd circling behavior, or other abnormal movements that seem to reflect balance difficulties stemming from inner ear problems.