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a dancer who waltzes

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While the spokesman could not provide further details, a mum who was at the fair said she believed the man fell ill or was injured on the waltzer ride, which also gave her an electric shock.
"After coming to America, he settled in the Detroit area and our family has used his original chili recipe every since," Waltzer said.
THERE was a waltzer too, but by far the best and biggest attraction were the dodgems.
Look out for thrills for the whole family, including a carousel and a cup and saucer waltzer, plus fairground game 'hook a duck' and bungee trampolining.
The waltzer has already arrived on site for the fair, expected to start on Saturday.
Suite for Trumpet and Horn by Rosemary Waltzer. New York: New City Music, 2002.
A staple of The Hoppings for many years has been the waltzer so we felt it our duty to go for a spin as Europe's largest travelling funfair opened its doors to Newcastle again on Friday afternoon.
White knuckle rides like No Limit, MACH5, Starflyer and Air will dominate the skyline over the next nine days while old favourites like the waltzer, big wheel, 'The Shaker' and ghost train should also prove popular.
KEN WALTZER, MD, CFA, CFP, president of Kenfield Capital Strategies in West Los Angeles, Calif., estimates that 25 percent to 30 percent of his clients are in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
Young and old enjoyed about 40 rides, such as the Superbowl, Freak Out and Seastorm, and classics like the Dodgems, Helter Skelter and the Waltzer.
It's a subtly directed, intelligent portrait of suppressed desire - and there's a lovely scene on a waltzer.
Meanwhile, teenager Harry operates the Waltzer ride in Stourport and has found that, actually, it makes him a bit of a girl magnet.
In the characters and events of the narrative, Waltzer, a newspaper sports editor and freelance writer, finds a microcosm of the social history of the US in the 1920s complete with mobsters and war heroes and foreshadowing the era of the spectacle that was to become the hallmark of American sport.
exporters like Richard Waltzer aren't giving up just yet.