walrus mustache

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a bushy droopy mustache

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When police barred his access to it, he took a picture, for no conscious reason, of an elderly man on a bench, a doleful, tweedy person with a walrus mustache.
was wearing a Halloween type fake walrus mustache that covered most
He earned a fortune in the stock market, and as he aged, his round torso and walrus mustache gave him an increasing resemblance to the plump little plutocrat of the Monopoly game.
Glencannon (1935), Three Sheets in the Wind (1936), The Glencannon Omnibus (1937), The Gentleman with the Walrus Mustache (1938), Glencannon Afloat (1941), Second Glencannon Omnibus (1942), Action in the North Atlantic (1943), Guy Gilpatric's Flying Stories (1945), The Canny Mr.
He was not big; he was short (but much taller than I), stocky, with a walrus mustache, JosE said.
Somewhere behind the dry news conferences and beneath the granny glasses, the walrus mustache and the black Eagles cap pulled down tight over his head, is a class clown waiting to get out.