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The two Wallies obviously took their marriage preparation program seriously.
TOOTHLESS Jeremy Corbyn should have worn his wallies to PMQs yesterday.
Thank you Wales Online for providing me with more ammunition for me to throw at these wallies Craig Parry So you expect Welsh Ministers to walk a couple hundred yards in the pouring rain, wind, etc ?
Surely after 41 years in football he should be used to dealing with wallies.
"Last year we were a bunch of wallies who weren't going to win anything and this year people think we are going to do alright, we have a strong panel.
Elsewhere in the draw, Spurs are good value at 7/2 (Paddy Power) to get one over their distracted neighbours, while the Championship's form side, Steve McClaren's Derby County, are a tempting 13/2 (SkyBet) to make Chelsea feel a right set of wallies, with or without brollies.
Lime Tree won 9-5 in a high scoring match against Walsgrave (227-217) in which Doug Smith and Ryan Neale topped the poll with 21-12 triumphs leaving the trio of Bob Gilfillan, Tom Lawton and Paul Styles, all 21-15, to keep the Wallies in contention.
"I'm not looking for Lord Lucan - I'm looking for somebody to show me they have the business acumen to be my partner." Well, so far, he's not turned up any Lord Lucans, but he's had more than his fair share of Wallies. As it enters its seventh week, we don't know who'll be next in the firing line - but with things hotting up, the backbiting and self-serving are sure to make tonight's instalment entertaining.
Not the frontline officers, but the wallies at the top, namely Chief Constable Chris Sims and Assistant Constable Sharon Rowe who lost their bottle in times of need and stayed in their ivory tower and watched the city burn.
And those wallies in Westminster think we'll swallow their codswallop about S4C, the world's only Welsh language TV station, being safe in the BBC's mitts?
Not forgetting our teachers, Mrs Doherty, Mrs Scott and Mr Irving, who were dressed as Where's Wally and they certainly did look like wallies!
Dozens of web wallies logged on to the popular auction site this week in a race to grab themselves a crinkle-cut slice of the action.
York Wallcoverings--Contract Division WAI/Continuum Wallies Warfel Construction Co.
They look proper wallies. Tracksuits and trainers the order of the da y.
But punters who put their faith in the weather wallies ahead of the four-match series between Steve Waugh's men and the West Indies were left ruing missing out on a tidy