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a painting that is applied to a wall surface


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One of the biggest cases of illicit trading in antiquities involving Dikmen was the plundering of the wall paintings from the church of Ayios Euphemianus and the 6th century wall mosaics from the Church of Panayia Kanakaria.
A few days ago, archaeologists discovered wall paintings where people in crowns were depicted.
Brysbaert's appendix is a welcome addition to the debate surrounding Aegean-style wall paintings in the eastern Mediterranean and derives from her doctoral work now published in a 2008 monograph.
The most important among wall paintings in these periods, he noted, were those found in Dura-Europos site in the Middle Euphrates region in the southeast of Syria, 35 km away from the Syrian-Iraqi borders.
There might well be hundreds of feet of wall paintings going right round the church walls.
Rosa Maria Cimino, Wall Paintings of Rajasthan: Amber and Jaipur, Delhi, 2001, figs.
The grant will safeguard the nationally important wall paintings and the rest of the interior of St Cadoc's Church in Llancarfan, Vale of Glamorgan.
Espirito Santo, who has exhibited consistently since the mid-1980s, has established an aesthetic that reflects his conceptual concerns by means of an obsessive attention to detail in sculptures, drawings, and wall paintings that recurrently explore form, light, and spatial folds with impeccable craftsmanship and a discerning choice in materials.
The majority of religious wall paintings in England were destroyed in the decades of whitewashing and defacing that followed the Reformation, leaving behind a severely fragmented view of a major and complex visual tradition.
London, Jan 2 (ANI): British art experts have been given access to the hidden heritage of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, including 16th to 19th century wall paintings from its 2,000 temples and monasteries, so that they can advice the country on ways to preserve the masterworks for the future generations.
As the Reformation ordered the wall paintings out of the churches, so they migrated to the house around the corner instead.
Although the tomb had been long looted of its objects by the time of its discovery, including the mummified body of the queen, its elaborate wall paintings remained.
The Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) has partnered with the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) to work on the conservation and management of the tomb and its wall paintings.
He added: "In the Middle Ages, thousands of altar pieces and wall paintings were produced, intended to encourage people to live good lives and not bad ones.
The wall-paintings of Thera (Proceedings of the first international symposium on the wall paintings of Thera): 159-72.