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a painting that is applied to a wall surface


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Moreover, this direction is very interesting in terms of a possible way that the traditions of creating cave sanctuaries with wall paintings could have been spread, if we consider the Carpathian caves with Ice Age wall paintings," said Zhitenev.
One of the wall paintings is thought to be of Richard's son Ellis ap Richard and his wife Jane Hammer.
The campaign would continue until the completion of wall painting at conpicuous places of the city, which would help in eliminating the culture of wall-chalking as well, the DCO added.
One of the biggest cases of illicit trading in antiquities involving Dikmen was the plundering of the wall paintings from the church of Ayios Euphemianus and the 6th century wall mosaics from the Church of Panayia Kanakaria.
A few days ago, archaeologists discovered wall paintings where people in crowns were depicted.
Brysbaert's appendix is a welcome addition to the debate surrounding Aegean-style wall paintings in the eastern Mediterranean and derives from her doctoral work now published in a 2008 monograph.
One of the medieval wall paintings in Burton Dassett's All Saints Church.
Rosa Maria Cimino, Wall Paintings of Rajasthan: Amber and Jaipur, Delhi, 2001, figs.
The grant will safeguard the nationally important wall paintings and the rest of the interior of St Cadoc's Church in Llancarfan, Vale of Glamorgan.
Speaking at the event, the Director General of ICCR stated that the hosting of the exhibition in New Delhi portraying the rich heritage of Sri Lankan rock and wall paintings is a manifestation of the friendship that continues to flourish between the two countries.
These European retrospectives, with the exception of the Kunsthalle Diisseldorf's in 2007, inadvertently misrepresented Palermo by interspersing his four groups of work--objects (Objekte), cloth pictures (StoffbiIdeal), wall paintings (Wandmalereien), and metal pictures (Metallbilder).
Centuries-old intricate wall paintings in Bhutan have recently been red covered by archaeologists and are part of a preservation drive.
Medieval Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches.
London, Jan 2 (ANI): British art experts have been given access to the hidden heritage of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, including 16th to 19th century wall paintings from its 2,000 temples and monasteries, so that they can advice the country on ways to preserve the masterworks for the future generations.
Although the tomb had been long looted of its objects by the time of its discovery, including the mummified body of the queen, its elaborate wall paintings remained.