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a support projecting from a wall (as to hold a shelf)

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99 plus P&P Powerful, broad beam, 500W halogen light Built-in 16Mb SDRAM image storage 3 capture options: still image, 2 to 9P burst capturing, 10 sec video clip Fully weatherproof Auto date & time stamp Directional wall bracket - easy fit Adjustable for Start/Finish/Duration TEST indicator 3 Digit Security No.
They are made in a variety of materials including aluminium, wood, and plastic or painted metal and tend to come as a kit with all the brackets, rings, wall brackets and end pieces.
Constructed for maximum hygiene, this well designed wall bracket is mounted with a distance to the wall thus facilitating easy cleaning between bracket and wall.
You'll also need a wall bracket with screws (pounds 3), connecting hooks (pounds 2) and a fibre liner (pounds 1.
Hinkley greatly expands its Energy Star line to include this Aurora wall bracket in metro bronze finish.
8mm stainless steel setups, seal and gasket kit, gun wall bracket, and an in-line diaphragm atomization regulator.
Wall bracket jibs feature a lightweight extruded aluminum enclosed track, reducing the rotational dead weight of the boom by up to 68%.
To support the bottom shelf, a right-angle wall bracket was screwed into both a stud and the shelf.
A police spokeswoman said: "Our advice is always to chain motor cycles and scooters to an immovable object such as a wall bracket or a metal hook which has been cemented into the floor, even when the vehicle is stored in a garage or shed.
Mounted on an aluminum wall bracket system so that it can be quickly and simply removed and remounted, the change makes Applauso user friendly while still maintaining the classic lines and elegant finishing that have been its signature.
Sani-Dex ALC's clog-free dispensers are easy to install, require no maintenance, and are available in quick-pull canisters with an optional wall bracket, as well as individual pocket packets, which provide accessibility and convenience for maintaining proper hand hygiene in any setting.
The weighing platform can be easily moved and stored in a convenient wall bracket.
To add a feeling of decadence to any room, the Mandalay five-light pendant (pounds 75) with the Mandalay two-light wall bracket (pounds 24.
Accessories include a pivoting wall bracket and an extra cover.
BY SUSPENDING a 17-inch drill press -- which in its normal position has capacity to drill to the center of a 17-inch panel -- from an angle iron wall bracket over a table, S & S Visual Co.