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small portable radio link (receiver and transmitter)

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Donna Lynne Champlin, in an adorable performance, plays Amazing Gracie, his walky-talky helpmate.
05pm by a chap with an ear-piece and some kind of walky-talky, who asked us to move downstairs.
The wireless hub supports up to three GHS 20/20i handsets onboard, giving you the flexibility to expand your onboard communication system, while giving you the ability to use walky-talky capabilities between handsets.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Motorola p3688 vhf handheld walky-talky set along with accessories and license charges
Rocket launcher, SMG rifle, grenades, walky-talky and pistols were seized from the arrested.
A walky-talky and some ammunition were also recovered.
QUETTA, July 10, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Personnel of Frontier Constabulary have arrested two Afghan terrorists and recovered long-range walky-talky sets and explosive material from their possession.
The ambient sound of the piece peaks with voices from a walky-talky of a famous air fiasco for Alaska Airlines.
The new walky-talky service via mobile networks simplifies communication with friends or at work and brings a new element of spontaneity to mobile communication.
National Highways & Motorway Police has foiled an attempt of smuggling, 10 packets of fine quality opium recovered and arrested 2 smugglers in the area of Burhan on Motorway (M-1), and a gang of 5 criminals arrested on M-2 near Sial Mor, travelling in a suspicious private cum police car and recovered one Walky-talky set, one 30 bore pistol, 18 live rounds, three magazines, one bottle imported liquor and different types of mobile phones from their custody.