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Talking to our correspondent people from different walks of life said that country is deprived of a great political leader.
Now we're looking ahead to our centenary and all the walks of life we intend going on with our customers in the next decade - in their own way, we're sure each and every one of them will be just as epic
I think it's good that they have nominated Sachin Tendulkar, other eminent persons in different walks of life should be nominated," he told the media in Chennai.
Package Yourself to Get Your Dream Job is a guide to selling one's talents, for job hunters of all walks of life.
The Lumiere Theater was packed with anxious moviegoers from all walks of life, including skaters, punkers, and just plan old film buffs--even Mr Clark himself was there to introduce and answer questions after the film.
Know thyself," as Socrates once said, is not merely a philosophical soundbite; Critical Lessons argues passionately that the ability to know oneself and meticulously evaluate propaganda, the psychology of war, the motivations of other people, and platitudes voiced from all walks of life from churches to social groups to political parties to popular culture, is more vital than ever to sustaining a successful and healty modern society.
Jolles, "Mental Agility" is meant especially to aid business professionals but the advice, tips, tricks, and techniques are useful to readers of all walks of life.
Each individual chapter offers articles and reflections by builders, landowners, ecologists, students and others from different walks of life.
Adults of all walks of life are being invited to join a community health group.
Your Anglican Appeal supports Volunteers in Mission, a program that enables Canadian Anglicans from all walks of life to serve with partner churches in other countries.
Women's music festivals have been an integral part of the feminist and lesbian movements ever since the first events burst into existence in 1974, creating safe spaces for women of all walks of life to commune in blissful sisterhood.
The Palestinian struggle for independence and her encounters with Palestinians from all walks of life in the U.
We build networks by encouraging women from different professions and walks of life to connect and develop relationships from a business perspective.
University officials have the responsibility and the obligation to make a serious, effective effort to reach out to students from all walks of life without falling back on unconstitutional quotas," Bush said.