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Paul, photographer, 10/10/90; Row four: Marina Gutierrez, artist, 10/30/90; May Stevens, painter, 12/3/90; Miriam Schapiro, painter, 2/3/91; Lucy Lippard, author, critic, 1991; Kay WalkingStick, painter, 3/23/91.
You got questions about walkingsticks? I got answers.
The weapon, disguised as a walkingstick, was in excellent condition and in perfect working order, he said.
I am anxious to see you, to come and meet you leaning on this walkingstick.
Following this rationale, cluster analyses have been conducted based on various landowner characteristics to clarify the human dimensions of natural resource management (Kluender and Walkingstick 2000, Ross-Davis and Broussard 2007, Majumdar et al.
Contorted filbert, also known as Harry LauderAAEs walkingstick, is an ordinary woody plant that doesnAAEt exhibit any special qualities until its foliage has fallen.
Of certain of her own works Kay WalkingStick declares, "Those are not landscapes, but paintings about my view of the earth and its sacred quality" (17).
The show, "Creative Continuum," includes work by Alexander Calder, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Liechtenstein, Red Grooms, Gordon Gilkey, George Johansen, Rick Bartow, James Lavadour, Marie Watt and Kay Walkingstick. A reception will be at 5 p.m.
The church did at one time have another long pole which was known as"St Derfel's walkingstick' but this was taken from the church and lost in the eighteenth century.
Habits, reactions, and mating instincts of the 'walkingstick', Aplopus mayeri.
Kay WalkingStick. Brookville, NY: Hillwood Art Museum, Long Island University, 1991.
Asked why she was using walkingsticks just five days after she had competed in a sporting event, David said she had "good days and bad days".