walking papers

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(informal) a notice of dismissal or discharge

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The debut album is called Walking Papers too and you'll have heard me bang on about them for weeks now on the radio.
Joe Slayton, the former president of Alltel's wireless operations who formed Slayton Enterprises LLC after receiving his Alltel walking papers, purchased Club Tan Studios in Jonesboro, a high-end tanning salon with a coffee shop and dessert bar.
But as investment bankers get their walking papers in the thousands, a handful of hedge funds that bet right on subprime mortgages and the U.
Over the past year, several times as many workers, both hourly and salaried, have been giving their walking papers.
Jobs in the field may be rare-- just this week, the Kansas City Star's writer, Paul Horsley, got his walking papers -- but the critics who remain, he said, are quite terrific.
Predictably, Samantha was given her walking papers.
He took over as head honcho when Steward was given his walking papers, and he said Monday he sees a renewed vigor in his fighter.
Sandinista leaders in the past have been critical of Union Fenosa, and when Daniel Ortega returned to the presidency earlier this year there was speculation that the Spanish company would be handed its walking papers.
No, Nardelli didn't receive his walking papers because the Orange retailing model was imploding.
visit from unwanted guests on August 8, and so he gave them their walking papers.
Paulson's critics should take solace in the precedent of Paul O'Neill, a former administration Treasury secretary who publicly disagreed with Bush on global warming and came away with nothing but his walking papers.
If the rancor builds to a crescendo and Pischetsrieder is handed his walking papers, it may be in the best interest of everyone in Detroit to burn up the phone lines to Wolfsburg and urge Bernhard to return to the U.
Among the public, 35% of respondents approved of his job performance, and 52% said Bush should give Rumsfeld his walking papers.
Among those given walking papers was center director Ambler Moss Jr.
In one case, I was supported publicly, but given my walking papers privately.