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October 9-13, Hay Walking Festival - guided walks and events in and around Hay On Wye and the Black Mountains, www.
For more information, contact the walk leader Roger Johnson on 01924 292594 or the Kirklees Walking Network on 01484 234095.
It allows us to analyze various walking metrics and set motivational targets with our members that simply cannot be delivered by less advanced, lower-quality pedometers.
Sometimes there are some insights and sometimes it seems like it's just walking.
Ian has been a life-long fan of walking and is now on his 11th trek, having raised more than pounds 8 million for charities along the way.
Please join the "Team One-on-One" campaign to help ARA get more kids fit through walking and running.
Inspired by a simple walking toy called a Wilson Walkee, a penguin-shaped, unpowered gadget that could toddle down a slope on two legs, McMahon and his student Simon Mochan calculated that a walker could take a single step using no energy after an initial activation.
However, the starting place of my own art is the experience of walking .
Armed with this information, Andrea designed an experiment to test whether people who don't know where they're going end up walking in circles.
DUST OFF YOUR BIKE GEAR, walking shoes, and anything else you might need.
The city looks like a movie set today," the artist murmurs into your ear, "and the people walking around are like extras.
This work is not quite a history of walking nor is it a study of Wanderlust.
But walking the labyrinth remains a time-honored way to slow down and encounter God.
But in May of 1995 when I agreed to make the 13th annual pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres to celebrate Pentecost, I went on a walking pilgrimage - and to my surprise, it turned out to be a combination of religious retreat and Outward Bound, a whitewater rapids introduction to an ancient spiritual exercise.
If your idea of a vacation is wandering through picturesque villages, picnicking in national parks, taking breaks in vineyards, and bedding down for the night in medieval castles or rainforest thatched huts, then a walking tour maybe for you.