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Synonyms for walk-on

plays a small part in a dramatic production

not capable of or especially not involving speech or spoken lines


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The subject of a walk-on song is no laughing matter, though.
Walk-on girls were axed shortly after the end of last year's championship as a response to pressure which led toFormula 1grid girls also being dropped.
Bobby, whose wife Marie, 60, was a walk-on girl at Professional Darts Corporation tournaments, said: "It's ridiculous.
The 2013 New York City Opera production landed in Quebec City complete with its four singers, conductor, costumes and sets and Jay Scheib's stage direction, with only walk-ons and players recruited locally.
While there are endless walk-ons by notorious politicians - including Tricky Dicky Nixon - as well as screen and sport idols - the narratives follow three key players.
On Friday afternoon, the ladies lunched in Juban's Wine Room while the groomsmen lunched at Walk-ons by LSU.
After retiring as a player, he coached for nine years at City College of New York, where many of his players were Jewish walk-ons with minimal gridiron experience.
And in the inner circle, assistants and crew members on a movie or TV series are often wannabe actors who pounce on your boss and ask for walk-ons and speaking parts.
Now we have models, musical walk-ons, a massive stage, amplified thuds of darts into board and the crowd providing their own brand of entertainment.
This site acts as a media agency for people that want to appear on talk shows, in newspaper or magazine features and as walk-ons for film and TV.
Her father Fuzzie is pure villain, The Musician a moody non-entity other Factory members just walk-ons and Warhol himself a total fruitcake.
It took us a while to figure out that Alexandra Hedison (Dylan) and Kelly Lynch (Ivan) were walk-ons, but to get rid of Dana while keeping the ditzes?
The minibuses which have been discontinued could carry two wheelchairs and about six walk-ons, with very easy access ( unlike the taxis which are limited to one chair plus two struggle-ons.
"I pushed scenery around and did walk-ons," he remembers.
Yes, Kazimir Malevich, George Grosz, Jackson Pollock, Yves Klein, Robert Smithson, Andy Warhol, and the Guerrilla Girls get walk-ons, but where--just to speak of the English avant-garde--are Lawrence Alloway, Richard Hamilton (cited but not given space of his own), Art & Language, Bridget Riley, Victor Burgin, or expatriate John Coplans, for example?