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Synonyms for walk-in

person who walks in without having an appointment

an operative who initiates his own defection (usually to a hostile country) for political asylum

an assured victory (especially in an election)


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a small room large enough to admit entrance

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(of e.g. closets or refrigerators) extending very far enough back to allow a person to enter

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Call 541-998-4767 for an appointment, although walk-ins will be accepted.
Until March 19, up to 30 walk-ins were attended to from 11am, even if they stood in the queue overnight.
Now doors can be replaced on any walk-in to help owners restore their walk-in's ability to hold the cold and keep their perishable items fresh.
Traditionally, the supermarket would have one large walk-in cooler hidden at the back of the store that was used to store the milk and other dairy products.
The door is the most important part of the walk-in and should be approved by U.
One reason for this is that the walk-in units have never been as glamorous as their counterpart, cold merchandising eases on the sales floor.
The test of any property exhibition is in the number of walk-ins during the property expo which translate into serious enquiries and follow-ups post the event.
Similarly, Record's Andrade stared, "Our agenda is full, with half an hour reserved for each customer, but walk-ins are more than welcome.
Handling electronic inquiries and walk-ins along with all of those calls tied up staffers so that many calls were routed straight into the college's voicemail system and many others bounced around campus a half-dozen times or so.
Over 5100 sq ft of pure fun including a full kitchen with hood and 3 large walk-ins.
Saleh Yassin, president and founder of El Amal, said the remaining El Amal stores, while continuing to offer pharmacy products, will include a clinical area with physicians, nurses, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals, serving walk-ins and patients with appointments.
Price: $75 for SMPS Members, $95 for NonMembers, Walk-ins add $10.