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Synonyms for waking

the state of remaining awake

marked by full consciousness or alertness


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The success of the App in waking up refreshed at an exact time is based on the high controllability of the wake up process.
Waking up is necessary but doing so with irritating alarms from your alarm clock or alarm app on your phone can be an annoying start to your day.
By about two weeks of life, most healthy, term newborns have gotten back up to their birth weight and can be allowed to sleep longer at night without waking.
This clock gently wakes you with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon - just like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of mum cooking breakfast.
The hypnotic use of waking dreams; exploring near-death experiences without the flatlines.
The text of Waking Day is a poem by Constance Morgenstern and is set off, page by page, line by line, with full color paintings by Claude Monet, Edgar Dega, Vincent van Gogh, John Singer Sargent, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Childe Hassam, Fidelia Bridges, Pierre Bonnard, Berthe Morisot, Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, Frank Weston Benson, Theo van Rysselberghe, and Frederick Carl Frieseke.
Not keeping a regular schedule of bedtimes and waking times is often a problem for insomniacs, as is napping during the day, considered a no-no since the habit can set off a vicious circle.
People should set up regular times for themselves both in going to bed and in waking up," he says.
They aren't the only brain cells that control sleep and waking, but these so-called hypocretin-orexin (Hcrt/Orx) neurons seem to be at the top of the brain's wake-promoting chain of command, says neuroscientist Michel Muhlethaler of Centre Medical Universitaire in Geneva, Switzerland.
Take Richard Linklater's Waking Life, perhaps the most boldly original (and commercially reckless) work in this year's festival.
These include difficulty falling asleep, waking during the night, waking too early, or waking feeling far from refreshed.
The researchers wrote in the journal Nature: "The increase in adrenocorticotropin release before the expected time of waking indicates that anticipation, which is generally considered to be a unique characteristic of the regulation of conscious action, pervades sleep.
In a recent study conducted on 118 incontinent residents of four nursing homes, nursing care practices and environmental changes in noise and light were associated with 50% of all nighttime waking episodes lasting at least 4 minutes and 35% of those of up to 2 minutes.
Nearly 70 million American adults are affected by insomnia - characterized by difficulty falling asleep, waking frequently during the night, waking too early and not being able to return to sleep, or waking up not feeling refreshed.