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Synonyms for waitress

a woman waiter

serve as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant


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He revealed women were often found waitress jobs in such venues by middlemen, who then encouraged them to sleep with customers for money.
Well, when I say 'help', what I mean is my friend's busy staff were goodnaturedly letting Jesse pretend she was a waitress, as long as she only served a few friendly regulars.
She said her mother-in-law, Susan Johnston, was disappointed by the vegetarian options and expressed her views to the waitress.
The waitress said she used the extra cash to fix her family's car and also shared it with some of her colleagues.
Back in 2013, there was one more incident in New Jersey where waitress (http://edition.
Dubai: A cook and a waitress have been accused of possessing 0.
The anonymous waitress wrote that Key would approach her making scary, suspense sound effects, like the music from the movie Jaws.
Fatima, a university graduate, said she quit her job as a waitress because she felt pressured by friends and relatives, despite the fact that customers treated her respectfully and tipped well.
She looked for the waitress and caught her eye, Complained that her coffee was cold with a sigh.
A tourist was cleared of the charge of molesting a hotel waitress by the Court of First Instance on Monday on the grounds of being mentally ill.
New York, August 7 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber's brawl outside South Pointe nightclub in Hamptons on Sunday, started over an attractive waitress and a bow tie, it has been revealed.
To support this claim, I will consider how the architecture of Waffle House provides a space where an intimate relationship can be proposed, the way the use of the term honey proposes a particular, if ambiguous, relationship between the waitress and customer, how this relationship may be interpreted, especially from the standpoint of a cultural outsider such as myself, and the consequences of such a relationship.
The Dikler is told he got the attention of a waitress and, pointing to the guilty party, said: "Excuse me young lady, would you ask that gentleman over there to stop picking his nose?