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a roster of those waiting to obtain something

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Getting on a waiting list is a separate process to appealing, and the two processes won't affect each other.
Those applicants were on the waiting list since the Hajj balloting on 28 April this year.
Prof Michael O'Keeffe, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Temple St Children's Hospital, said: "Some people die on waiting lists.
HUNDREDS are locked on waiting lists for allotments in Huddersfield.
In Houston, 18,000 households get vouchers, and another 18,000 are on the waiting list.
Worryingly, there are patients who should be in hospital and, almost on a weekly basis, I get a phone call to say patients have been on a waiting list for two years and they should be seen by me, and can I squeeze them in?
The Globe story pointed out that the estimated 53,000 students listed on waiting lists is a number reached by adding up all the students on every charter school's wait list.
However, when organs considered "high quality" were analyzed the researchers found that 55% of transplant candidates who died or were removed from the waiting list before being transplanted had been offered at least one of these high-quality organs.
But Mrs Stevens believes a waiting list would make life easier for her own and scores of other families to stop unwanted seats going to waste.
The agency will open the waiting list for an eight-day period that begins today and continues through Nov.
North Tyneside, which has 1,781 plots, had a waiting list of 1,714 people and Blyth Valley, with 577 plots, had a waiting list of 1,691.
Fan forums on the internet were full of angry reaction forcing the club to stress that the thousands of fans already on the waiting list will not have to pay.
ALBION fans are advised the ticket office will begin contacting supporters who have added their names to the season-ticket waiting list towards the end of this week.
We kept in constant contact with the residents, as well as the applicants on our waiting list to keep them informed of the progress and updated on the time frame.
The 52-year-old AIDS patient, who has been HIV-positive for 16 years, was being taken off the waiting list for the Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program (KADAP), which would start to pay for two of the eight medications he needs.