waiting line

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a line of people or vehicles waiting for something

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Just like an excessively high price can evoke an image of equally high quality, long waiting lines act as an indicator for popularity, reduce availability and increase the subjective value of a good.
When a receiving door is available, the look-ahead scheduling algorithm will search for the trailer in the trailer waiting line with its first choice for that receiving door.
An example would be a bank or airline waiting line where everyone stands in a single queue, often snake-shaped to fit into available space, waiting for an open channel to any one of multiple servers.
Number four was "Never a waiting line at the women's bathroom"
For those who want a change, we propose a new paradigm of waiting: waiting line segmentation.
Have a waiting line 12 feet back from the firing line.
Weve seen a stark increase in wait times for state-funded treatment options too; the current waiting line is almost 900 people long.
Affordable housing is a critical need in our community, as was evidenced by the long waiting line for people to get an application for this property," McDonald said.
Coverage progresses from basics of probability through utility and game theory, distribution and network models, waiting line models, simulation, and Markov processes.
The police were coming up the waiting line of traffic, turning us all back.
When we finally made it to the front, we were 2kg over the weight limit, leaving us with a choice of unleashing my knick-knacks in front of the waiting line, or stumping up the dosh.
The long waiting line for replacing old identification cards as well as the nation's intolerance caused corruption within the Ministry of Interior.
Multichannel waiting line--A waiting line with more than one server.
At the end of this individual-defense sequence, the players rotate as follows: 1 (our original defensive player) replaces 2, 2 takes 3's place, 3 goes to the end of the waiting line at the wing, 4 becomes the new defender, and 5 becomes the first person in the wing line.
The project is intended to move the frequent waiting line of left-turning vehicles at the Loves Travel Stop away from the I-65 ramps, said Matt Bullock, chief district engineer for the Department of Highways District 5 Office in Louisville.