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a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait

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All done and dusted and five minutes later I skip to the next waiting area to wait for the next nurse to see me.
Currently the new service drive and customer waiting area are being finished and these improvements are very impressive.
With the new waiting area holders of a topbonus Silver or Gold Card can park in the Exclusive Parking Area which is located close to the gates and then check in at the carrier's priority check-in desk.
BOOST: Mark Rodgers and Shanaz Khan show off the refurbished waiting area
The North East legend officially launched a new children's waiting area at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care, in Newcastle shortly before he died in July.
Youth court, relocated from Hatton Garden, with improved access, a larger waiting area more private consultation rooms.
A STABBING victim died in a hospital waiting area after staggering almost a mile to get help yesterday.
In the departure terminal, 18 ticket counters have been added, in addition to a waiting area and space for airline offices.
Among the improvements is an cafe waiting area with a table and a coffee-brewing machine which is designed so that members can brew their own cup of coffee and sit and enjoy it while visiting with neighbors.
Take Off uses a rounded, wrap-around form to transmit comfort and fantasy to the home interior: around a lunch table, for the home office, or waiting area.
The 14-year-old victim said she was raped in the waiting area on January 28, between 8.
United is to build a customer waiting area on Dulles's C30 ramp area and a larger Express terminal check-in and gate area on apron F, at a cost of $22 million.
In a well-documented project, the kids recognized a community need for a more child-friendly waiting area in North Adams Regional Hospital.
Ten new gates were added, the size of the waiting area was almost doubled, and immigration service capacity was expanded from 500 to 950 passengers per hour.
The admitting office, visible from the waiting area, was understaffed.