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Synonyms for waiter



Synonyms for waiter

a person whose occupation is to serve at table (as in a restaurant)

a person who waits or awaits

References in classic literature ?
She had never entered its doors; from the outside she had sometimes caught glimpses of spotless damask and shining crystal, and soft-stepping waiters serving people of fashion.
When the new label came, he put it on; our French wine being now turned into German wine, according to desire, the head waiter went blandly about his other duties, as if the working of this sort of miracle was a common and easy thing to him.
The gentleman from Tellson's had nothing left for it but to empty his glass with an air of stolid desperation, settle his odd little flaxen wig at the ears, and follow the waiter to Miss Manette's apartment.
In breeches and gaiters, broad-brimmed hat, grey coat, speckled choker,' said the waiter.
Waiter, bring coffee, and fine-champagne, and some cigarettes.
The waiter who came into the room stopped, from time to time, to look at me.
You thought the waiter must not hear, as if he cared
He paid no attention to the altercation which was in progress between the waiter and the man at the other end of the dingy room.
The waiter looked at me suspiciously as I made my way upstairs.
That's the only thing I miss in Paris," he said, as he finished the bock which the waiter had brought.
In company with our other Hampton students, I secured a place as a table waiter in a summer hotel in Connecticut, and managed to borrow enough money with which to get there.
The game continued; a waiter kept handing round champagne.
But what she most resented was the waiter with his swagger black suit and short quick steps and the 'towel' over his arm.
I had to repeat my order "Devilled kidney," and instead of answering brightly, "Yes, sir," as if my selection of devilled kidney was a personal gratification to him, which is the manner one expects of a waiter, he gazed eagerly out at the window, and then, starting, asked, "Did you say devilled kidney, sir?
A waiter paused before their table and offered a salver on which were several cups of coffee and liqueur glasses.