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the narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips

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To maintain a healthy weight and waistline, it is critical to incorporate weight training with aerobic exercise.
The report also explains the link between the recession and people's waistlines as many buy cheaper and less healthy foods.
Paul said: "I always found shopping for jeans to be a stressful exercise because, as a tall and slim man, no retailers ever seemed to stock the leg length with the waistline I needed - and if they did, there wasn't a great deal of choice available.
me, commented: "It might sound like just a bit of fun to look at average waistlines like this, but the reality is that with such a big sample size there's almost certainly some substance to the numbers.
A contemporary alternative to the wrap-around is a dress with ruching or tucking at the waistline, which gives the impression of extra fabric and also creates a concealing effect.
Pursuing the theory that government can solve our health problems one grocery item at a time will slim our freedoms long before it reduces our waistlines.
In fact, 59 per cent of those who polled feared that a loved one with large waistline would become more vulnerable to serious health problems.
BARELY half of people in the West Midlands know the size of their waistline, which could put their health at risk.
Their male classmates have waistlines nearly 7cm bigger and chests nearly 8cm bigger than 11-year-old boys three decades ago, according to Shape GB's National Childrenswear Survey.
While a common perception is that men carry more weight around their middle, government figures show 44% of women in England have a large waistline, compared with 32% of men.
Scientists found that having a large waistline doubled the likelihood of an early grave.
And despite expanding their waistlines, most fans will be lighter in the wallet, having spent an average of pounds 26.
The ramifications of an obese nation, where the majority of adults and children are either overweight or obese, goes far beyond the need for larger clothes to fit bulging waistlines.
Men who drink more than two cups of tea daily have trimmer waistlines than men who drink coffee or no coffee or tea, according to a study presented at the First International Congress on Abdominal Obesity.
The fourteen towns that participated really stepped up and we were astounded by the number of individuals who decided to take control of their lives and join the Toxic Waistlines competition.