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the narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips

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4-cm waistline, Lacson said the PNP leadership should lead the way.
Surprisingly, in women the link was strongest for individuals with a normal BMI who nonetheless had a large waistline.
If we do not address our growing waistlines, the costs to the health service alone, in terms of ill health, have the potential to be higher than the costs of smoking and alcohol-related illnesses.
In men, consuming sugar in tea was associated with a 1-inch smaller waistline, while artificial sweeteners were linked with a nearly 2-inch larger waistline.
We've packaged all four of these factors into Watching Waistlines and Wallets and are excited to share this valuable, user-friendly resource with consumers," says Frank Muir, president and CEO.
Women who carry excess fat around their waists were at greater risk of dying early from cancer or heart disease than were women with smaller waistlines, even if they were of normal weight, reported researchers from Harvard and the National Institutes of Health.
Yet, with attitudes such as that, should we wonder why the waistlines of children are rivaling adults?
So forget "starving brains" and the notion that we have "no choice" in the ultimate destiny of our waistlines.
Van Cauter and other researchers discussed possible links between sleep deprivation, expanding waistlines, and obesity-related problems this week in Washington, D.
Statistics have long shown the frightening correlation between fast-food consumption and widening waistlines.
Other studies show that thicker waistlines can also raise the risk of high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels.
dogs severely overweight, Pedigree hopes the new diet will shrink canines' bulging waistlines.
Director Morgan Spurlock has documented the impact the fast-food industry has on Americans' waistlines in his film Super Size Me.
But times, along with waistlines, have changed; the Davises now ship four or five triple-wides a month, and the company's sales are booming.
How do the waistlines of Elizabethan costumes compare with earlier periods?