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a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers

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When the repast was fully discussed, the lion put his hands in his waistband again, and lay down to mediate.
Her foulard gown was as simple as genius could make it, and she wore no ornaments, save a fine clasp to her waistband of dull gold, quaintly fashioned, and the fine gold chain around her neck, from which hung her racing-glasses.
In this exercise I once met an accident, which had like to have cost me my life; for, one of the pages having put my boat into the trough, the governess who attended Glumdalclitch very officiously lifted me up, to place me in the boat: but I happened to slip through her fingers, and should infallibly have fallen down forty feet upon the floor, if, by the luckiest chance in the world, I had not been stopped by a corking-pin that stuck in the good gentlewoman's stomacher; the head of the pin passing between my shirt and the waistband of my breeches, and thus I was held by the middle in the air, till Glumdalclitch ran to my relief.
Amongst them, I remarked some women, dressed from the hips to knees in quite a crinoline of herbs, that sustained a vegetable waistband. Some chiefs had ornamented their necks with a crescent and collars of glass beads, red and white; nearly all were armed with bows, arrows, and shields and carried on their shoulders a sort of net containing those round stones which they cast from their slings with great skill.
Take your thumb out of your mouth and come to ride with Becky in your go-cart." She stretched out her strong young arms to the crowing baby, sat down in a chair with the child, turned her upside down unceremoniously, took from her waistband and scornfully flung away a crooked pin, walked with her (still in a highly reversed position) to the bureau, selected a large safety pin, and proceeded to attach her brief red flannel petticoat to a sort of shirt that she wore.
The girl rowed, pulling a pair of sculls very easily; the man, with the rudder-lines slack in his hands, and his hands loose in his waistband, kept an eager look out.
These full length custom jeans feature extended belt loops on comfortable buttoned waistbands. These tailor made denim jeans have a zip fly on the front, aided by waistband buttons, to close.
From the opaque fabric, cut two base-pants fronts, two base-pants backs, two front waistbands on the fold and four back waistbands.
The range for girls and boys at Next - which has outlets across South Wales, including its flagship store on Cardiff's Queen Street - offers larger waistbands to accommodate kids of all shapes and sizes, up to the age of 16.
You'd think that at the very least the folks who are pushing the so-called "constitutional carry" bill might put in an amendment forbidding people from carrying their guns in their waistbands while they're carrying a backpack.
He said the inmates there gambled freely and brazenly displayed guns tucked in their waistbands.
Sonia said: "I design all of my own stuff and the V-shaped waistbands are trademarked as my design.
In hygiene products, it is used in waistbands and side panels in adult incontinence briefs and underwear and in baby training pants.
Also look for detailed waistbands to highlight your waist and create some curves.