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a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers

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When the repast was fully discussed, the lion put his hands in his waistband again, and lay down to mediate.
Fumbling at his waistband, Saxon's hand had come in contact with a brightly inflamed surface larger than a soup plate
The girl rowed, pulling a pair of sculls very easily; the man, with the rudder-lines slack in his hands, and his hands loose in his waistband, kept an eager look out.
His legs were encased in knee-cord breeches, and painted top-boots; and a copper watch-chain, terminating in one seal, and a key of the same material, dangled loosely from his capacious waistband.
In hygiene products, it is used in waistbands and side panels in adult incontinence briefs and underwear and in baby training pants.
Also look for detailed waistbands to highlight your waist and create some curves.
She said: "You have to have elastic waistbands so that you can eat a lot and let it stretch a little bit.
The light-hearted spots highlight new Hanes Men's Underwear with Comfort Flex Waistbands which feature a softer, more-stretchable waistband that comfortably shifts without pinching or binding.
SIMON Cowell-style high waistbands on trousers are increasingly popular with men aged 39 and over.
The study showed that as boys enter their teenage years, trouser waistbands plunge a full five inches from the hips, allowing their jeans to barely cover their modesty.
Not only is this site excellent, but they have just added Little in the Middle jeans which feature a revolutionary sizing system that waves goodbye to gaping waistbands.
Crouching so that the webcams will capture some of their faces along with their six-packs, elastic waistbands pulled down to show happy trails and taut crotches, they radiate an ur-sexuality that achieves its mesmerizing effect without the need for an appreciative photographer.
With a few snips, waistbands transform into headbands and hip-alignment belts, and a worn-out pair gets reborn as a brand new tights-top.
Championship play was suspended in the third quarter after the men were seen arguing, then lifting up their jerseys to reveal guns tucked into their waistbands, Baggesgard said.
The jackets come in hooded and zip-up styles, the pants have 10[inches] zip legs and elastic drawstring waistbands, and the "chill" shorts are made of 7 oz.