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up to the waist


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The waist-high turnstiles at Ayresome Park were easily |vaulted by fans unwilling to pay for entry
Weeds and grass are knee-high, waist-high in places, graves haven't been tidied for months.
Cumberland, RI's Mark Poole wasted no time stomping this waist-high nosegrind.
Karolina Golabek was pinned to a wall by forces equivalent to 200 kilogrammes from the waist-high electric gate outside her parents' at.
Deluxe helm chairs with flip-up bolsters are standard, as are a leaning post tackle station with waist-high access to a fresh/saltwater sink, insulated bait box and a 45-gallon oval livewell with light.
But gamekeepers says the land owned by conservation groups is a fire risk because of waist-high growth.
Writing this way, refusing even simple symploce, feels like walking in waist-high swiftly flowing water straining and
Four emergency flood officers waded out into waist-high water after being called to rescue sheep stuck in a flooded field, and crews were sent out to rescue four Chihuahuas, a Border collie and a German shepherd by boat from a flooded farmhouse.
New York, Sept 15 ( ANI ): Black, waist-high curtains were installed in some restrooms at a US hotel's top-floor club after passersby were getting an eyeful - thanks to floor-to-ceiling bathroom windows at the 18th-floor hotspot.
A passer-by raised the alarm on her mobile phone as the jogger, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, became trapped in waist-high sea.
People waded through waist-high water or maneouvred the streets in boats.
The top of it is waist-high, slightly sunken, and covered in weed-strewn stone flags and rusty metal sheets.
Sukhumbhand Paribatra, the Bangkok Governor,said on Thursday that he expected to soon announce an evacuation warning for Sai Mai district, located on the city's northern outskirts, where waist-high water has turned roads into virtual rivers and swamped petrol stations and homes.
The waist-high poles were too spaced out to be able to lie across two, so it was a case of trying to balance on my stomach and jutting my legs high enough to look like a plank.
After half an hour the strollers are still only waist-high, since America's median income is only half the mean.