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up to the waist


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Fire crews from Northumberland worked waist-deep in flood water that was polluted with sewage.
Jim Wainwright, 63, has a boat to ferry them over waist-deep water to The Camp Inn from the nearest dry land 200ft away.
Wilderness artist David Bellamy will be keeping cool today, by sitting waist-deep in a Welsh river to capture one of the wild places of Wales.
An Evesham man was rescued at Burnham-on-Sea near Bristol yesterday after being trapped waist-deep in treacherous mud.
2) Visitors to Grand Cayman interact with a friendly stingray in waist-deep water in the area known as Stingray City.
WAIST-deep in thick mud, two women are trapped as they try to save their dog after it bounded into a dangerous bog.
They were stuck in waist-deep snow when one of the leaders sent a text message to a friend in Elgin, Moray.
This year, the toys were waist-deep in his office, and he gamely took to the little desk.
Wading through icy, waist-deep water and scrambling over high walls was also part of their ordeal.
A GROUP of 14 daytrippers had to be rescued yesterday after getting trapped in waist-deep water visiting Camond Island in the Firth of Forth.
Firefighters were called to rescue the man, who was in waist-deep water and being battered by the strong tide, at 2.
Mr Lodge, of South Shields, walked about 20 yards along the beach, to dial 999, but turned around to find the woman waist-deep in water.
Graham Boanas, aged 42, said he needed split-second timing to beat the notorious tides as he fought his way through stinking, waist-deep mud and treacherous shipping channels to complete the feat.
On Sunday, at the height of the storm, Jennie Tronconi, her fiance and his 17-year-old son waded across Bouquet Creek in the woods to the road, hiking in fast-moving, waist-deep water.
And yesterday, rescuers scrambled through waist-deep water to help dozens of residents leave their flooded homes in Istanbul, where heavy overnight rains caused a stream to overflow into a working-class district.