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up to the waist


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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- At least 24 people are believed to be missing and 300 trapped as emergency responders are working to pull locals from a waist-deep river of mud and debris after it rained down on homes following a torrent of rain earlier this week.
TORRENTIAL monsoon rain has paralysed India's financial capital Mumbai for a second day as the streets turned into rivers and residents waded through waist-deep waters.
Download Texas officials say at least nine dead as Harvey flooding continues NNA - Rain pelted this battered city anew Monday as emergency teams aided by a growing contingent of citizen-rescuers plunged into waist-deep water seeking people stranded by devastating, historic flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
Summary: Rains were so heavy that waist-deep water had accumulated in many places
Falk, whose office in the nearby free zone was also drenched, said sewage pipes exploded, leaving his house waist-deep in waste.
I can't even believe that this much water was possible," one woman said, as she stood in waist-deep floods in the state capital "We don't have any food.
OCRACOKE, North Carolina, Ramadan 15, 1436, July 02, 2015, SPA -- A shark bit a 68-year-old man several times Wednesday in waist-deep water in North Carolina, officials said, the seventh attack in the state's coastal waters in less than three weeks, according to AP.
It is feared the shark could be the same one that bit off the arm of Kiersten Yew, 12, as she played in waist-deep water in Oak Island, North Carolina, last week.
MORNING Waking early to snowboard some fresh lines though waist-deep powder on the Niseko mountain range in Japan would be the best way to start any day.
45pm, Matthew, 15, had noticed the marine animal stranded in waist-deep water about 30 metres off the shore at Shatti Beach.
Sam and his father Jon Simeon snorkeled around for an hour looking for the ring in waist-deep water before giving up.
When the lifeboat arrived to rescue the girls and dog, they were already waist-deep in water as they tried to wade to shore.
He calculated the site of the 1850 marker with GPS, finding waist-deep water surrounding the site.
Rescuers were called to save a group of five - a couple S with their ten-year-old nephew and two teenage girls - that became stranded on Sully Island, off the Vale of Glamorgan coast, on Saturday, while two women were rescued from waist-deep water at Southerndown, near Porthcawl.
Tourists could be seen wading through almost waist-deep water, desperately trying to keep themselves and their belongings dry.