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Synonyms for wainscoting

a wainscoted wall (or wainscoted walls collectively)


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wooden panels that can be used to line the walls of a room

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wide house have been restored, including wainscoting, pocket doors, a central staircase, and fireplace mantels.
Built in 1997, the two-storey mansion opens to a grand foyer with marble floors, an elaborate chandelier and a sweeping staircase and a dining room done in detailed wainscoting and a living room with a fireplace sit off the formal entry, said the LA Times.
The wainscoting boards had buckled and were sticking out several inches in one spot
The cottage, in Glanton, Northumberland, has a host of period features, including doors, exposed beams, fireplaces, sash windows and wainscoting.
Old doors, transoms, trim, molding, wainscoting and other appealing pieces are being pried from the places they've adorned for decades.
Bathrooms are provided with solid surface wainscoting and shower surrounds with tile floors.
Imagine a gracious Craftsman house, turn-of-the-century floral wallpaper and wainscoting proudly intact.
chair components, blanks, edge-glued panels, mouldings, wainscoting, shelving, plywood/MDF parts, rounds, solid & laminated squares, hand rails, legs, newel posts, tabletops, bases & wood edge banding blanks
Sweet Love's 1,500-SF store, located at 8210 Cantrell Road, features white wainscoting, light pink paint, stained wood countertops and a row of bistro tables for seating.
Though alkyd paint typically is preferred for trims, doors, furniture wainscoting, chair rails, base moldings and cabinetry, Advance is also being marketed as a wall paint, as well, with a flat sheen and primer soon to be added to a range that initially includes satin and high gloss.
In the renovated space, a new custom wine bar will be built that features coffered ceilings, extensive custom cherry cabinetry, and cherry wainscoting.
The floors are the darkest, the walls up to the wainscoting are medium-light, then lightest above the wainscoting and on the ceiling," he said.
A Canadian is part of a jigsaw puzzle, always trying to find that one missing piece that has fallen behind the wainscoting.
Cornices, wainscoting, door frames, decorations, and other traditional, psychologically comforting cues were useful for guiding living, breathing human beings through what might otherwise be a geometer's bland maze.
The bay window remains intact but the wainscoting was covered with Sheetrock some 20 years ago by my husband's dad, who was as practical and un-fancy as his grandfather.