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panel forming the lower part of an interior wall when it is finished differently from the rest of the wall


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wooden panels that can be used to line the walls of a room

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Wainscot said it provides several skills and services that were not a part of the magazine's current offerings, and the company has a strong team in place to support its efforts.
Southern wainscot and silky wainscot, although not very inspiring to look at, are currently fairly scarce in our region.
There is also an unusual child's Wainscot potty chair, circa 1700, made of oak and elm.
The wood grain is still crying out to be noticed in its wainscot.
Within the wainscot landscape of her series, however, Rowling constructs a complete genre fantasy scenario.
A WAINSCOT wall panels make a room feel more cosy and they're great for hiding rough old plaster and pipework.
A further appointment has been made by the Bishop in the form of a new director of education, teacher Linda Wainscot, aged 43, who holds management roles at Rugby College of Further Education.
In vain yelps the wainscot mouse; In vain beats the hour; Vacant, his body must drowse Until daybreak flower -
It is a massive stone structure with handcarved wood railings, mantels, wainscot, and paneling inside.
Their portraits by Sir Godfrey Kneller were reduced to three - quarter length in order to accommodate them to the size of the clubroom wainscot.
Tenders are invited for Demolition; remove walls and soffits, mirrors, remove window film,railings, flooring, wall panels, millwork, wainscot laminate, acoustical ceilings, light fixtures, etc.
Using different colors on the top and bottom halves of a wall can create the look of wainscot, Gamble says.
The Bishop of Coventry Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth with (from left) former head teacher Mary Hoverd, Director of Education Linda Wainscot, Carol Weller head teacher September 09, current head teacher Maureen Pegg and Reverend Ian Kennedy.
VALUABLE SITES: INCA expert Robert Woods says brownfield sites around Teesside industrial plants are excellent habitats for wildlife RARE SPECIES: The Blomer's Rivulet, top, Silky Wainscot, left, and Tiger moth
The project's design features Mediterranean-style architecture with tile roofs, exterior stucco and wainscot veneers, tower elements, cornice treatments and awnings.